The endorsements


Peggy Nash wins the support of Laurin Liu and Elaine Michaud. And Brian Masse has endorsed Nathan Cullen. Glenn Thibeault endorsed Thomas Mulcair yesterday. And, last week, Carol Hughes endorsed Niki Ashton.

Update 12:23pm. Mr. Mulcair has also won the endorsements of Denis Blanchette and Ruth Ellen Brosseau.

By my count, 76 78 of the NDP’s 101 MPs are now committed. Excluding Nycole Turmel, Olivia Chow and Joe Comartin—all having pledged to stay neutral—that leaves 22 20 New Democrats undecided.

Here is an updated tally.

Thomas Mulcair (39) Robert Aubin, Paulian Ayala, Tarik Brahmi, Sylvain Chicoine, Anne-Marie Day, Matthew Dube, Pierre-Luc Dusseault, Rejean Genest, Jonathan Genest-Jourdin, Sadia Groguhe, Dan Harris, Sana Hassainia, Pierre Jacob, Matthew Kellway, Francois Lapointe, Alexandrine Latendresse, Helene Leblanc, Wayne Marston, Marc-Andre Morin, Marie-Claude Morin, Pierre Nantel, Jamie Nicholls, Jose Nunez-Melo, Annick Papillon, Claude Patry, Eve Peclet, Marion Perreault, Francois Pilon, John Rafferty, Mathieu Ravignat, Jean Rousseau, Djaouida Sellah, Philip Toone, Jonathan Tremblay, Don Davies, Ryan Cleary, Glenn Thibeault, Denis Blanchette, Ruth Ellen Brosseau

Brian Topp (12) Isabelle Morin, Charmaine Borg, Jean Crowder, Kennedy Stewart, Alexandre Boulerice, Yvon Godin, Alan Giguere, Libby Davies, Francoise Boivin, Jinny Simms, Jasbir Sandhu, Chris Charlton

Peggy Nash (8) Anne Minh-Thu Quach, Randall Garrison, Denise Savoie, Dany Morin, Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet, Mike Sullivan, Laurin Liu, Elaine Michaud

Paul Dewar (4) Linda Duncan, Charlie Angus, Irene Mathyssen, Claude Gravelle

Niki Ashton (4) Francine Reynault, Francois Choquette, Jean-Francois Larose, Carol Hughes

Nathan Cullen (3) Alex Atamanenko, Fin Donnelly, Brian Masse

Romeo Saganash (2) Christine Moore, Pierre Dionne Labelle

Martin Singh (0)


The endorsements

  1. Mulcair or Nash, everyone else amateur hour. 

    • Topp might not be terrible either.

      I’ve read his book, he isn’t bad.

      Tho’ the only successful move from backroom boy to leader I’ve ever heard of was Mulroney.

      • And he cheated.

      • “Topp might not be terrible either.”

        I have two female friends who are teachers who are involved in teachers union and have interest in NDP race – support Dewar and Nash. 

        I don’t know anything about Topp but my two friends did not like him – they called him oompa loompa after they meet him and they not normally snarky people – and both wonder why NDP leadership seemingly support Topp. Topp not clubbable, he’s awkward, and both my friends said there is reason why Topp is backroom boy.

         I wonder about Topp’s commitment to party – why isn’t Topp running in Layton’s seat Danforth? Topp seems like dilettante to me, he wants to be leader of party or nothing at all.

        • I think the calculation was, other Dippers could use the race as a way to kill his leadership off sub rosa, like Ontario PCs did to John Tory in that Parry Sound riding in ’09.  So best not.

          We’ll see if he runs for a seat in 2015 if he loses now.

          Starting to think the smart money may be on Nash — she has support of the left flank.  Mulcair will lead on first ballot, but we’ll see whether he can pull himself above 50%…

  2. Rathika Sitsabaeesan has also stated she will remain neutral for the whole of the NDP leadership race.

  3. Nathan Cullen is getting a lot of buzz.  Although he seems to be attracting new people to the party, long time members have yet to come around.  It took me a while to see that he’s the right man, with the right ideas, for the job. 

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