The endorsements -

The endorsements


Thomas Mulcair announces the support of former leadership candidate Robert Chisholm.

Paul Dewar says he’ll have an endorsement to announce tomorrow.

Until then, here are the updated standings.

Thomas Mulcair (41) Robert Aubin, Paulian Ayala, Tarik Brahmi, Sylvain Chicoine, Anne-Marie Day, Matthew Dube, Pierre-Luc Dusseault, Rejean Genest, Jonathan Genest-Jourdin, Sadia Groguhe, Dan Harris, Sana Hassainia, Pierre Jacob, Matthew Kellway, Francois Lapointe, Alexandrine Latendresse, Helene Leblanc, Wayne Marston, Marc-Andre Morin, Marie-Claude Morin, Pierre Nantel, Jamie Nicholls, Jose Nunez-Melo, Annick Papillon, Claude Patry, Eve Peclet, Marion Perreault, Francois Pilon, John Rafferty, Mathieu Ravignat, Jean Rousseau, Djaouida Sellah, Philip Toone, Jonathan Tremblay, Don Davies, Ryan Cleary, Glenn Thibeault, Denis Blanchette, Ruth Ellen Brosseau, Pierre Dionne Labelle, Robert Chisholm

Brian Topp (12) Isabelle Morin, Charmaine Borg, Jean Crowder, Kennedy Stewart, Alexandre Boulerice, Yvon Godin, Alan Giguere, Libby Davies, Francoise Boivin, Jinny Simms, Jasbir Sandhu, Chris Charlton

Peggy Nash (8) Anne Minh-Thu Quach, Randall Garrison, Denise Savoie, Dany Morin, Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet, Mike Sullivan, Laurin Liu, Elaine Michaud

Paul Dewar (6) Linda Duncan, Charlie Angus, Irene Mathyssen, Claude Gravelle, Hélène Laverdière, Hoang Mai

Niki Ashton (4) Francine Reynault, Francois Choquette, Jean-Francois Larose, Carol Hughes

Nathan Cullen (3) Alex Atamanenko, Fin Donnelly, Brian Masse

Martin Singh (0)


The endorsements

  1. Mulcair v Nash in final round of voting but I don’t have opinion who will win. Mulcair wins if dippers decide they want to hold Que and try to build from that but Nash wins if dippers go with their hearts and not worry about consequences. 

    Topp is nowhere, he should have attended charm school before this process started. If Topp is brilliant strategist, he should continue what he’s doing. I don’t understand logic of Topp when he claims to be a superior puppet master and that’s all the qualifications he needs because people have to like or respect you before they will follow and Topp has neither. 

    Topp reminds me of Romney in that small section of party elite like candidate but base doesn’t.

  2. I am proudly team Paul Dewar : )