The enemy without and within


To clarify its concerns about “foreign special interest groups” and “jet-setting celebrities,” the Harper government points to the National Resources Defense Council. Joe Oliver singles out Tides Canada. Tides Canada is unimpressed.

But a Tides Canada official says support for energy-related issues like the Gateway pipeline amounts to less than 5 per cent of its funds devoted to overall charitable and environmental work in Canada. Often, the group works with governments on conservation, clean water and sustainable agriculture, and was involved in a sustainable aquaculture project announced by federal Fisheries Minister Keith Ashfield in Campbell River, B.C., on Monday.

“I think this whole funding controversy is a diversion. it’s like creating a fireworks show to distract people and stop them from focusing on things that Canadians are really concerned about,” Tides Canada associate Merran Smith said.

Here is the Harper government partnering with Tides Canada Initiatives Society in 2010. Here is the Harper government partnering with Tides in 2009. And here is John Baird, as environment minister at the time, appearing alongside Tides Canada CEO Ross McMillan at an announcement in 2007.

Elizabeth May and Sierra Club director John Bennett have respectively penned responses to Mr. Oliver’s letter.


The enemy without and within

  1. Conservatives lie it’s what they do
    They lie to me, they lie to you
    They lie about who funds what and and what for
    To build their pipelines from the coast to Mordor.

    • Proggies smugly claim the high road
      Cons are just a bunch of old toads
      We know better, we’re “enlightened”
      Just shut the *$^% up and don’t be frightened
      Cons can’t be trusted to run the show
      They won’t even deify the great Trudeau!
      We’ll soon be back in charge – it is our right
      And we’ll rid our country of the Harper-blight

      • You forgot to sign it.

  2. Conservatives had no problem accepting help from the foreign-funded NRA during the push to kill the long gun registry.

  3. Who funded Harper’s leadership campaign? Why do foreign oil companies get a free pass on this? 

    • Thanks for the link. Hypocrisy knows no bounds in the Con-o-sphere!

  4. The hearing will apparently last 18 months, time enough for everybody to be heard.

    Why the Cons are shooting themselves in the foot, and making it sound like the fix is in, with all this hoopla about ‘radicals’ is a mystery.

    • I don’t think it’s a mystery. It will deaden any criticism of the project in the public eye. Which is too bad. I’m no fan of obstructionism, but the reason why we have a process like this is to determine how the safety/appropriateness of something like this pipeline. Now, any concern expressed about this project will be seen as obstructionist.

      It’s ironic that Oliver says he’s concerned about the regulatory process being hijacked, and he’s basically done the job himself.

      • It also means if the hearings decide the project is okay to go ahead, no one will believe it, and protests will continue.

        • Didn’t think of it that way, but yeah, you’re probably right.

        • I’ll pay for the chain you’ll attach yourself to the pipeline with if you agree to Burns Lake as the locus.

          • Albertans would be farther ahead if they stopped ranting, and threatening everyone.

      • “Now, any concern expressed about this project will be seen as obstructionist.”

        Just those expressed by Robert Redford and Daryl Hannah

  5. the conservatives are now called the Radical Harper government! 

  6. The dreaded “foreign interference” claim … Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Venezuela..

    and Canada. I’m so proud.

  7. Sierra prez just compared oil to heroine.  Said oil kills more people than heroine.  He also just defended China’s use of coal…….  and these aren’t ‘radical’ groups?

  8. i can’t handle this. it’s such garbage. down with the tar sands!

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