The existential crisis of the opposition MP


Megan Leslie had a dream last night.





The existential crisis of the opposition MP

  1. Oh, for god’s sake, don’t leave us hanging. How do you stop them?

    • No idea. But one thing you don’t do is call Kent. He’d assure you the budget for zombie children is not being cut, resources are merely being reallocated and zombie scientists more efficiently retasked… AND he’s got a plan to reduce them by 17% some time around 2020.[ zombie kids or zombie scientists…same diff in his mind.]

      • Huh? “eye-less zombie children” is Freudian for a bag of new PEI potatoes.

        Leslie has some dreaded KP duty to prepare for today’s dinner.

        • Ohhhh,…did i just get punked?[ never used that one before. Did i at least get that right?]

      • Are you kidding? childish zombies are the ultimate harper CPC target demographic!

  2. Kent is the leader of the soulless eyeless zombie children. No wonder he wouldn’t meet with you.

    • Plus, he’s a known piece of shit!

  3. Between this and the Musquodoboit Harbour fiasco, it’s been a bit of a week for Megan Leslie.

  4. There is a groundswell of outrage in BloggingTory Twitterville over this blog post. Expect incoming. God,are they easily wound up.

    • Call me slow…but what is all the fuss about. Did Kent announce a plan to reduce Zombie kids by some spurious percentage? Did i miss breaking news?

      • Well, if Kent is, he’s keeping it from Kevin Page. No, . it’s just seen as proof positive of media bias from the permanently disgruntled. Maybe some of Tony Clement’s tweets should be posted to keep things ‘balanced’.

  5. And this coming from the ultimate NDP turkey!
    Gobble, gobble.

  6. Megan |Leslie…Jack Layton with t!ts…sheesh.

  7. Get grip Megan! You have grown an ego so big you think people would be interested in your dreams??

    • It’s Twitter…..that’s (mostly) what folks do on Twitter…share mindless tweets.

  8. Dream Megan Leslie’s first mistake was talking to the Environment Minister. Wouldn’t this be the Defence Minister’s responsibility?

    • MacKay has never taken responsibility for anything, why would anyone turn to him.

  9. “Eyeless zombie children” seems like an apt description of the federal NDP caucus.

    Megan. Your dream is telling you to abandon your party of zombie children and save the world by joining the other side! -).

  10. There’s Megan drinking the zombie childrens’ juice again.