The F-35 audit -

The F-35 audit


The “Next Generation Fighter Capability Annual Update” is here. The first CP dispatch from the official briefing is here.

A long-awaited KPMG report on the F-35 purchase says National Defence did not build a big enough financial cushion into the plan. It says the $9 billion the department set aside may not be enough to pay for the planned 65 jets.

The report says uncertainties in the oft-delayed program could force the air force to cut the number of planes to 55 — or force the Conservatives to up the purchase amount by between $1.5 billion and $2.5 billion. The Conservatives have said the $9 billion figure is carved in stone.

The terms of reference for the “evaluation of options” is here. A status report on the seven-point plan is here. And the official announcement of all this is here.

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The F-35 audit

  1. we had the same problem for concorde which was completed and used for ages but the ban by america made this wonder machine dead

  2. Bev Oda lost her job over $16 orange juice. Can somebody give me a good reason why McKay should keep his?

    • The difference is that Oda was seen to have ‘benefited’ personally, whereas MacKay isn’t seen in that light.

  3. The Harper Cons are used car salesmen: every word that comes out of their mouths is a filthy lie.

    • That’s unkind to used car salespersons who, by comparison, are paragons of transparency.