The F-35: Kind of almost like a flying national television, radio and Internet network


A la Dean Del Mastro, Conservative MP Bob Zimmer attempts to put the F-35 in perspective.

A billion a year for the F-35 (over 42 years) or a Bil a year for CBC(indefinite period)..hmmm…best plane for our RCAF would be my choice!

As noted, the 42-year estimate seems not only to change the end date, but also to introduce a new start date.

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The F-35: Kind of almost like a flying national television, radio and Internet network

  1. I say go ahead and buy it. It will serve as a fitting reminder of the incompetence of the current regieme well past their due date.
    A question is why is the current government so hell bent on becoming a symbol of all that is wrong with a majority government?

  2. Before, when they compared the F-35 costs to the annual cost of healthcare, I took issue, because the money we put into healthcare definitely protects our safety more than the money we’d put into 65 (or fewer) warplanes.

    On the new comparison, however, they have a point. The entertainment value offerred by watching various Conservative ministers and pundits squirm may exceed the entertainment value offerred by the CBC. (I kid, in case you couldn’t tell)

  3. Best of both worlds: turn the Cons’ pathetic performance on the F-35 file into a CBC sitcom. Hmmm…what could we call it?

    • The Little Airframe that Could(n’t)?

      Little Plane on the Prairie? (This would be more of a serial procedural, where TC investigators and RCAF investigators have to work together to convince Canadians that these planes aren’t crashing in the arctic because of their single-engine design…but can TC and RCAF investigators get along? Stay tuned to find out.)

      Yes, Minister? (reboot!)

  4. I’m calling BS on this one. Del Mastro? You mean Pussy Malanga. That guy should have been kicked out of the party years ago. Robocall mafia scum.

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