The F-35: So much for all that?

by Aaron Wherry

CTV reports that an independent audit of the proposed F-35 procurement estimates a total price of approximately $40 billion. And Michael Den Tandt reports that the cabinet decided on Tuesday evening to cancel plans to purchase the F-35.

The Prime Minister’s Office tweets that Mr. Den Tandt’s story is “inaccurate on a number of fronts.”


The F-35: So much for all that?

  1. You mean it took all this time to reach the bare minimum level of common sense?

  2. But I bet Mr Den Tandt’s “story” is more accurate than the numbers released through the PMO

  3. Hmmm… surely a miscalculation. Inconvenient leaks are scheduled
    for Friday afternoons … and if the I-team don’t leak it, it can’t be so.

  4. Kudos to the government. Conditions are now right to select the best option for Canada.

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