The Facebook vote


The current tally (with improvements from the last tally in parentheses).

Michael Ignatieff 48,207 (15,531)
Stephen Harper 45,794 (9,183)
Jack Layton 36,598 (5,505)
Elizabeth May 8,712 (1,540)
Gilles Duceppe 6,296 (1,411)


The Facebook vote

  1. Yes, our democracy would be in peril without this hard-hitting journalism.

    • Yet you seem strangely compelled to read this blog every day and make comments.

      You must be getting something out of it!

      • Not really. During this election I check the Maclean's main blog board more often, and obviously come across Wherry's agitations for the Liberal party, which I feel compelled to respond to sometimes.

  2. Who's pokin' who?

  3. Justin Bieber: 24,553,575

    • Yikes! Thanks for the link — I hope other media pick this up asap.

      Given that the gov was found in contempt and nobody seems to care, however, I am a little rattled to realize that Canadians just don't seem to care about the ethics and integrity of people running our nation.

  4. "The Conservatives have opened up a 14-point lead over the Liberals, according to a Nanos daily tracking poll, and start the second full week of the election campaign sitting firmly above the 40-per-cent mark – the kind of support that typically leads to a majority government."Globe/Mail, Apr 4 2011

    Too bad for Libs Facebook is only place where they are leading in poll.

    I wonder if Lib war room used Facebook numbers last week to convince msm to go with meme that Libs had all the momentum after one week of campaigning.

    • Polls

      Leger: Tories slipping away from majority: Con 37% Lib 26% Ndp 18% …
      Nanos: Tories inching closer to majority: Con 42.8 % Lib 28.4 % Ndp 16.4 %

  5. What Ignatieff won't tell you is that he has secret plans for forming a coalition with the NDP and a poutine.

  6. You know, this information is made even more irrelevant when you realize that a lot of people will follow multiple leaders. Like Wherry here, for example, probably "Likes" all the party leaders on Facebook, being a journalist and all.

    But I also find it a little odd how the LPC seems to be almost relying on social media to get their campaign message out. They keep patting themselves on the back for little Facebook or Twitter coups, meanwhile when I watch the hockey game on Saturday night all I see is commercials from the CPC and NDP.

  7. I don't believe that the onion ring has dropped out at all, it's just that Wherry and the rest of the human-biased media want you to forget about your love of the onion ring.

    We won't forget though.

    The onion ring still has over 155,000 fans.

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