The Facebook vote


The current tally, with improvements from the last tally in parentheses.

Michael Ignatieff 63,836 (7,747)
Jack Layton 52,329 (10,974)
Stephen Harper 52,163 (3,109)
Elizabeth May 10,405 (828)
Gilles Duceppe 7,993 (1,08)


The Facebook vote

  1. I'm happy that Ignatieff will have that victory to look back on. So it wasn't a total loss.

  2. Michael Ignatieff has 63,836 Facebook friends? To put it another way, there are enough people who would be kicked out of a Stephen Harper rally to more than fill the Rogers Centre!

    Go Jays!

  3. In fairness to Duceppe, he’s kicking ass on Visagelivre.

  4. Mr. Wherry has mostly stayed away from scientific polls for the last while. The latest shows the CPC with a fourteen point lead. I’m not sure what this posting is doing for the Liberal troops, but being straight with them about reality doesn’t seem to be one of them.

  5. This is a pretty good example of why Facebook tallies are useless.

    • Poor Wherry who has to endure this vitriol, knowing full well that you are all interested in seeing how the facebook tally compares.

      • Is it me, or was the word vitriol almost never, ever used prior to that guy shooting Gabrielle Giffords? Then all of sudden everyone was talking about it.

  6. Facebook shows the orange wave too – that's an (almost) 11,000 person bounce into second place.

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