The fan club -

The fan club


The Liberals are alleging a letter-writing campaign, formal or informal, on Helena Guergis’ behalf that now includes her executive assistant, her executive assistant’s mother, a constituency assistant, a former riding president and the assistant of a Conservative MP in a neighbouring riding.

CTV reports that members of the Prime Minister’s Office are “praying before Buddha” that Ms. Guergis resigns. It is unclear, at this hour, just how many members of the PMO are Buddhists.


The fan club

  1. Well. It would seem the sh*t has hit "the fan club"

    • Zingiddy-zingiddy-zing-zing-zing!!!!!

  2. The only ones who have to answer for anything are anyone paid to work for the Tories, and who are not identifying themselves. Volunteers, mothers, wives, friends of friends et al, aren't doing anything wrong,.

    • Why doesn't the government simply sack these impossibly stupid people? Is it because the administration is afraid of retribution from the HRC?

      • How do you fire someone else's mom? Or the guy who ran the neighbouring riding association five years ago? Both of these could have great practical application in my life to be honest…

    • I say anyone who writes letters that poorly is doing something wrong.

      • That's a societal problem, arguably more depressing than the political one!

    • Well, a suspiciously full-throated declaration of support from an employee's mom might be good for a little wry chuckle once the details of their identity became known, but it's certainly not of the same magnitude.

  3. “It is simply not credible that this minister did not know that her … staffer's mother were sending these letters to media,” said Liberal MP Wayne Easter.

    Indeed, what kind of world are we living in where Government Ministers are not keeping track of their staffer's parents' letter writing? Any mail from staff, former staff, colleagues, former colleagues or the relatives of any of these should first be forwarded to the Minister for approval. I always said this would happen if we let just anyone write tot e editor of our newspapers…Thank goodness we have Warren and Wayne out there protecting democracy.

    • That's the best you could pull from the article?

    • Perhaps all these different people just spontaneously decided to write letters and each individually decided for her or his own reasons not to identify their connection to the person they were writing about and perhaps Guergis just didn't happen to recognize any of the names when the press clippings hit her desk because she has so many staff, who can keep track.

      Does that sound more credible to you?

      • B-I-N-G-O!

      • And their moms. And the guy from the neighbouring riding. Yes, it's entirely possible there's a conspiracy here. But it would be a conspiracy to write letters to the editor of a local newspaper. It might also be that people who know Ms. Guegris through their connection to the Conservative party decided to write letters to the editor when she was personally criticised (apparently for such things as attending films). I guess your views on this will depend on how often you personally have come across carefully orchestrated campaigns to write to your local newspaper editor…

  4. Earlier reports have said that Ms. Guergis has a reputation for being hard on her staff, and having high staff turnover. Hmm. . . .

  5. praying before Buddha in the PMO

    Clearly this is a unjustified shot at our PM's hefty reputation. In others news, for his next gig Harper is planning to cover this tune.

    [youtube 6DTiJHnF8tY youtube]

  6. and there are no paid Liberal posters hiding here on Macleans?

    • Well, why don't you do an investigation and find them, if you think they're here?

      • Why would he do that? Lobbing unfounded accusations like you anti-Conservative posters do is good enough for you guys, why not for him?

        Or perhaps you can point me to any investigations that your side has carried out to identify paid Conservatives posting here?

    • Trust no one! Suspect everyone! Denounce! Denounce!

      But seriously – I'm sure there are. It would be nice if the powers that be set a strong example, so that this type of strategy is abandoned. We'll never know if it really is, but we have to try!

    • Forget about here at Macleans. How many Liberal staffers are running anonymous blogs on Liblogs, etc that aren't identifying themselves as staff. That would be MUCH more controversial in my opinion, and I'm almost 100% sure that its happening a lot.

    • Actually I'm a paid Liberal staffer…..but I'm operating under deep cover. So deep even I've forgotten which side I'm on.

      • I'm a volunteer Liberal riding executive, which I haven't been quiet about. Does that count?

    • Dion used to come on but he was pretty easy to (ink) spot.

  7. I can't get past the impression that this whole brouhaha is incredibly frivolous.

    I also can't get past the impression that Guergis is incredibly frivolous.

    • LOL.

  8. Ministers have staff tasked to scour the papers for articles and letters about them so the question becomes how stupid do you have to be to NOT know mom's pitching in.

    • It's possible that the Minister is no longer reading press clippings about herself.

      • It's also possible that I'm the Easter Bunny.

        • You mean the Easter bunny is lame? There's going to be a lot of disappointed kids this year.

          • Why do you hate the Easter bunny?

      • If I were Helena, I would have quit readding the press months ago. Harper doesn't pay attention to the Canadian media, why should she? It's not like Canadian media is a hotbed of great original thinkers. And everybody knows anything important goes up on National Newswatch, which is simply the best news site in Canada.

        • Please. It's not about vanity.

          It's their JOB to know what's being said about them in the press.

          • No it's not! Their job is to represent their constituents. Many like to know what's being said about them in the press, to refute untruths. But when everything printed about you is gossipy garbage, there is no reason to keep up. If her constituents want to send her a message, they can write a letter to HER, not the editor of some rag.

          • You keep those Utopian glasses on.

            I fear that most politicians believe their job is to figure out how to get re-elected. Us plebe constituents are about 4th on their priority list.

          • No, I'm not being utopian at all. I agree that most politicians are worrying about their own asses 95% of the time. I'm just saying that Helena sees the press as the enemy now (probably rightfully so), so there is no point in her paying them any heed.

          • Don't be so naive! It's at least 99.9% of the time.
            Sorry – I just can't stand sloppy misleading stats!
            And c'mon – give Helena some credit.
            I'm sure she's believed that the left-wing press has been the enemy long before PEI.

      • Well – she has likely relegated staff to do this for her.
        Wait….Why didn't they bring it to her attention?

    • Honestly, that's probably the problem. Staff is tasked to scour the papers, but all they see are negative reports. Knowing Guergis's temper, they want to show it more like, "wow, you're getting a lot of press; some good, some bad." So, not having any good, they had to make some on their own.

  9. Is it safe to assume Easter didn't join the thinkers' conference this past weekend? Can anyone imagine the comments about the "same old style of politics" and "nothing's been learned from this weekend" if Michael Ignatieff had announced this? I'm starting to think Easter is the Liberals' guy when they want to announce petty BS that no respectable person wants to go near.

  10. It's petty, for sure, but it also goes to credibility because there are more of these fan letters showing up every day. If we're supposed to believe that the Minister had no knowledge of her fan club's activities, then she should have been mad as hell that they embarrassed her. The only thing she seems to be upset about is that now everybody knows that her 'support' is somewhat biased.

  11. I hope Mike Duffy doesn't get worn out from all the attention; he may have to repeat his story about how everyone in his day wore an onion on their belts, which was the style at the time.

  12. losers