The farce and the math -

The farce and the math


If you heard the Prime Minister yesterday, you might have been left with the impression that the NDP’s 2011 commitment to cap-and-trade was expected to immediately raise $21 billion in revenue for the federal government. In fact, the costing document that accompanied the NDP’s 2011 platform—or at least the copy that is available here—doesn’t, technically, include that number.

The NDP projected “cap and trade revenues by year” as $3.6 billion for 2011-2012, $4.3 billion for 2012-2013, $6.2 billion for 2013-2014 and $7.4 billion for 2014-2015. If you add those numbers together, you get $21.5 billion. This might seem a small distinction, but it is probably a distinction worth noting.

(The NDP also listed 17 “green initiatives” as expenses. If you, as they did, reduce those expenses from the revenue generated by cap-and-trade, you get “green initiative” surpluses of $115 million, $15 million, $15 million and $1.165 billion, or $1.31 billion over four years.)

Here again is the rough guide to the Consevatives’ carbon tax farce.

And here again is why the “revenue” argument is a red herring.


The farce and the math

  1. “Let me just say this,” he said. “I do not have to make up anything
    about the NDP. I have here, in black and white, black and white, its
    platform from the last election.”

    He held in his hand a piece of white paper.

    “There is a little table at the end,” he reported, “which states,
    “Cap and Trade Revenues By Year, $21 billion. Be a part of it.”

    Best to just make the obvious assumption once you see Harper’s lips moving. This guy doesn’t do distinctions does he?…at least not other peoples.

  2. Why are you ragging the puck for the NDP? Harper has told a myriad of truthiness tales about parties and people for the past 6 years……the position of most has been, well it’s up to ‘x’ and their team to correct the misconceptions. Not a problem……but next time I hear another fable of the Sponsorship scandal (as an example)…..I will expect a few posts about how fallacious their claims are.

    • And the Liberals justifiably paid the price for their “truthiness” and were booted from office.
      Meanwhile…… this shit gets passed over by the msm

    • Howcum the Cons get a free pass for endlessly repeating lies in QP day after day about the NDP’s alleged “carbon tax” but a journalist who calls them on it day after day is “ragging the puck”?

      If and when the Cons start repeatedly lying about the sponsorship scandal daily, I would hope some journalist would repeatedly call them on that, too.

      • neuroticdog….I have no problem with ragging the puck for any party that goes up against the Conservative spin machine (in fact if lies are told about Harper I have no problem with anyone ragging the puck in his behalf). But honestly……before 2011, we did hear the constant lies about the sponsorship scandal….in fact, I would be willing to bet that if polled, a great swath of Canadians would claim that there is 100s of millions still unanswered for and hding in some Liberal vault somewhere (FACT proves otherwise so playing cute with this just proves my point). In fact ask those same Canadians if Ignatieff is a Canadian? I have no problem with defending…’s the selectiveness of it that I have a problem with.