The farce, now literally a joke -

The farce, now literally a joke


The statement delivered this afternoon before Question Period by Conservative MP Corneliu Chisu, who originally hails from Transylvania.

Mr. Speaker, today on Halloween Canadians from coast to coast to coast are frightened by the spooky NDP and the very scary carbon tax. The $21 billion very scary carbon tax would raise the price of Halloween treats everywhere. Even Count Dracula himself is frightened by the very scary carbon tax proposed by the spooky NDP. The count himself says, “The carbon tax would result in costly candy and pumped-up pumpkin prices”.

While vampires suck blood from their victims, the NDP’s very scary carbon tax would suck money from Canadians’ pockets. Mr. Speaker, I do not want to tax your carbon, but the NDP’s Halloween trick is the terrifying tax. That is why Canadians are calling on us to put a stake through the heart of the horrendous hair-raising carbon tax. Happy Halloween.


The farce, now literally a joke

  1. Cons….The Stupid Party

    • What are the people who vote for them? Zombies?

      • LOL oh I think even Zombies are smarter than that!

        • Yes, every single person who votes Conservative is a stupid person.

          • Just the ones who haven’t come to regret it …

          • I understand your embarrassment, Bean.

          • Well that’s an odd comment for you to make, Emily, considering the fact that I voted for the Liberal Party in the most recent federal election.

          • Oh of COURSE you did Bean….

            Wow…you are REALLY embarrassed!

          • I agree that this an unfair comment. Many people who voted Conservative are certainly not stupid. However, only the smart ones feel they are now. Count me in.

    • Brilliantly insightful, as usual! Thank you so much for your valuable contribution!

      • Well, blush, some credit has to go to you….I didn’t realize you’d show up to illustrate my point so well.

  2. So the Conservatives have been in power for almost 7 years now—-don`t see any carbon tax, most other taxes have not gone up either—why, the GST even dropped a couple points.

    Those are the facts. I know you guys would rather deal with imaginary, what might happen, scary monster Bills, etc.but at some point you will have to get in sync with Canadians who will simply look back at what government has actually done, rather than what you folks think they might do.

    It`s getting rather tiresome—the only thing that might liven up proceedings would be if we all were to concentrate on what the NDP government might do about raising all kinds of taxes in their first 7 years of power. It`s really rather boring discussing the taxes that the Conservatives have been raising the past 7 years.

    • No one was concerned about Cons raising taxes….are you nutz

      Con constant misquoting and other linguistic fakery is whats tiresome, chum.

    • You would be 100% right if the only issue concerning Canadians were taxes. Maybe the Conservatives are good for our tax rates but their handling of pretty much everything else has reeked of incompetence and ignorance. You know what’s actually super scary? Climate change, for one thinv. Maybe we should be thinking about that.

      • “their handling of pretty much everything else has reeked of incompetence and ignorance.”
        Yes, that’s why Canada is now considered the most horrible place on Earth to live. Our government is considered to be utterly incompetent and stupid. That’s why nobody, but nobody, wants to move or immigrate to Canada anymore. Our government is universally regarded to be the equivalent of Zimbabwe’s in terms of incompetence. Nobody has any faith in the competence of our government or any of its institutions. Just ask anybody anywhere in the world — Canada is bad news, a pariah state. And it’s all Harper’s fault.
        I’m not making any of this up.

        • Oh I know. Don’t you just hate the haters

        • Canada is an amazing place to live but we’re currently governed at our federal level by a bunch of power-drunk bullies who think that they can do whatever they feel like, no matter how shady or undercover. Maybe incompetent is the wrong word, but what has Harper actually done that improves this amazing country we live in? I’m not saying that the Conservatives have ruined Canada but I don’t happen to but I don’t think he governs Canada in a way that is a credit to any of us, except those that share his and his party’s agenda. Canada is a great country and a great place for immigrants, which I’m extensively proud of, has been for a long time and I sincerely hope it always will be, but Harper neither created that nor ruined it.

    • If Conservatives don’t want bad press they should stop spewing ridiculous propaganda. Is Wherry is supposed to be a bad guy for quoting what some Con knucklehead said in Parliament? Quit trying to blame your party’s problems on others. The Harper Conservatives have only themselves to blame.

  3. This at least passes for clever, not funny but clever, well at least cleverish

    so about 4 notches up from the standard preQ period carbon tax rant.

    well done Chisu.

  4. Even if you leave the ridiculous partisanship out of it… that was scary bad. What did Dracula ever do to Chisu to deserve that treatment? Poor guy.

  5. Europe is burning record amounts of Obama’s blue state coal. Ditto Asia. So-called North American environmentalists are making the world safe for an American thermal coal boom.

    Now there is a real farce.

  6. To be fair, this line of attack is more appropriate as satire read by an SCTV character.