The farce reaches Flin Flon -

The farce reaches Flin Flon


The following appeared in the Flin Flon Reminder yesterday as Conservative MP Rob Clarke’s MP report.

While we are all keenly aware of environmental concerns and the challenges they present, our Conservative government chooses to take a measured, considered approach in dealing with the reduction of greenhouse gases and the elimination of environmental destruction.

Thomas Mulcair’s NDP, however, are proposing a crippling carbon tax that would drastically raise heating and fuel prices for Canadians in order to fund new government spending.

Raising taxes on energy will hurt seniors and those living on fixed incomes by taxing one of life’s necessities. Small- and medium-sized businesses would also suffer under a carbon tax, not to mention the monumental cost to farmers.

Raising the cost of transportation will drive prices higher for groceries, as well as numerous other consumer items.

With the cost of energy already on the rise, the last thing we need is a prohibitive tax driving the cost of heating to astronomical heights.

Our Conservative government will oppose any attempt to raise taxes on hard-working Canadians.

Here again is a rough guide to the Conservatives’ carbon tax farce.


The farce reaches Flin Flon

  1. Aaron,

    No one at Maclean’s, since news of the emails broke last week, and since news broke that the CIA was ordered to stand down and denied help while 4 Americans were slaughtered, has written one word about Benghazi and the ongoing coverup. Even though you have a team of people writing about US Politics and the upcoming election.

    Not one word.

    No one at Maclean’s has a right to call anything a farce ever again.

    This is not directed at you personally Aaron, I know that’s not your beat…this is to the magazine at large. As far as I am concerned, if a “news” source denies coverage to the biggest news story in the world, you are no longer a serious news outlet, you are part of the coverup, and I’ve wasted more than enough time here. Farewell.

    • I will miss you if you leave, but haven’t seen you that often lately, now that I think of it. You should tell an editor this, but I imagine Aaron will forward your concerns. Best.

    • “I know that’s not your beat”

      Actually, Aaron found the space and time for a post on Donald Trump! I’m sure Wherry really enjoyed that.

      He also found the time for 10,000 posts on a topic directly related to the American intervention in the middle east, Omar Khadr, with the only relation of that story to Canada being that the terrorist in question is a Canadian.

      Wherry epitomizes the type of journalist you’re talking about. Everything he writes is spin, he tells only one side of every story, and spends a great deal of effort trying to make it look as if he is impartial, by writing a lot of quotes and little commentary, but of course the selection of quotes and commentary is an exercise in extreme bias. There is just as much info to be gleaned from what Wherry intentionally omits, as there is from what he writes. No doubt he feels he is doing a service to the Canadian people.

      I only look to Maclean’s for a couple of writers (actually now it’s down to just one, there used to be a few), and there are a couple of others I’ll read while I’m there. Occasionally I’ll put a comment under the garbage posted by Wherry or one of the other pretend journalists.

      I guess all I’m saying is you’re giving Maclean’s more credit than they deserve. They’ve not been a serious news source for a while.

  2. Impressive bit of reporting, considering the Reminder doesn’t have a website. Do you make a habit of reading community papers from assorted small towns, Aaron?

    • Nope, but I do have an Informat account.