The fight against C-279 -

The fight against C-279

The Canada Family Action Coalition targets 15 Conservatives


The Canada Family Action Coalition is targeting 15 Conservative MPs in a bid to defeat C-279, the transgendered rights bill, when it returns to the House this month.

The bill passed at second reading in June with those 15 Conservatives voting in favour, but committee hearings on the bill ended in acrimony (here is the transcript). As a result, the bill was reported back to the House without the amendments that Randall Garrison, the bill’s sponsor, had hoped to make. Mr. Garrison is now hoping to have those amendments moved and considered in the House, but it will be for the Speaker to decide if they are in order (see “selection of motions for debate” here).

The fate of those amendments could conceivably have some bearing on the bill’s ultimate passage. And in addition to those 15 Conservatives who voted in favour, there are another 16 Conservatives and a half dozen opposition MPs who didn’t vote at second reading.

Conservative MP Brent Rathgeber explained his concerns with the bill in November. Former NDP MP Bill Siksay, the sponsor of the original version of the bill, responded to some of the critics of the bill in an interview two years ago.


The fight against C-279

  1. Way to go Family Action! This is a dangerous bill. Just called my MP thanks to their site…

  2. It has always been possible….likely in fact….that someone of ‘the opposite sex’ was in the washroom with you. Meh.

    • so why do we need a law to increase risks and chance predators using the law.

      • Load of religious rubbish.

  3. many reasons the Bill is dangerous:

    1. “Gender Identity” and “Gender Expression” are vague terms and
    indefinable in law (covering what behaviors and who defines it ?)

    2.Women and girls are put at risk in bathrooms, change rooms,
    showers and other gender-specific facilities, and predators possibly using the
    law as a defense

    3.Child gender confusion increased due to misleading forced sex ed
    curriculum taught in public schools

    4.Businesses, organizations, even individuals could unknowingly
    commit human rights and/or Criminal Code violations

    5.Massive costs incurred by people related to human rights
    complaints or criminal charges

    6.Health care costs and burdens likely to increase

    • Ignorance, lies, and hate.

    • 1. Gender Identity is a perfectly definable term and is defined already in a number of provincial Human Rights Acts(Alberta, Ontario, NWT) Gender Expression can also be easily be defined

      2. This is fear mongering. In other countries where this is already law, there has not been a single case of this happening. Transgender people presenting as they identify are already legally allowed to use the washroom that matches their identity. This would not change this.

      3. Gender norms are already damaging, and this law would not require anything to be taught in schools. Gender Dysphoria is a clinical condition and is diagnosable. That means there is no ‘danger’ of confused children.

      4. If any of the above are already discriminating against an identifiable group, they already are breaking the law. Again, this would not change that.

      5. The health care costs represented by this population are already deemed medically nessacary and covered by provincial health care in most provinces. This would not change

      6. Due to the very small percentage of people who are trans, the burden on a health care system would be equivalent of each Canadian paying in a penny a year.

      • Thank you Rachel.

  4. This what the Office of Religious Freedom leads to.

  5. Emily – nothing religous about sex predators – child porn perverts – and pedophiles. read the news daily.

    • Religious nonsense about fake terror.

      Afraid some transgender is going to sse your weenie?

    • so you group transgendered individuals with sex predators – child porn perverts – and pedophiles?

  6. This Bill would never have passed without the 15 “Conservative” MP’s voting in favor of it. Good on the Canada Family Action for taking them to task on it!!

  7. so much miss information on bill C-279. and so much hate. I am transsexual woman i use the womens bathroom so what is so scary about some like me using the bathroom. i go in i pee i then straighten my clothes open the door wash my hands check my makeup and leave. by the way predators are cowards they like places where they wont be see for them to walk in to the woman bathroom has to many risks for them. and there was nothing before that would have stopped them going in before. familyaction,real women of canada and campaign life coalition are nothing more then bullies and hate mongers they should be ashamed of them selves. they take the true and twist it or remove what they don’t like so it fits there message