The fight for Motion 312


Tens of thousands of postcards have apparently been sent to MPs urging support for Stephen Woodworth’s motion. LifeSiteNews tallied 244 petitions filed in the House through June. Mr. Woodworth says he’ll keep fighting.

It’s difficult to be optimistic about how the motion will proceed when party leaders have opposed it and “definitely less than half” of the MPs have told Woodworth they support it, he told Postmedia News on Sunday. “But when you’re engaged in a good cause sometimes you just have to do your part to try to achieve success and then accept the outcome, however it may be,” Woodworth said. “For the sake of my country, for as long as I can, I will stand up for the ideal of universal human rights and honest laws. . . . Those are the Canadian ideals that I feel are essential to our Canadian character and for sure I will fight for those for as long as I have breath.”


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