The fight for Saint-Maurice—Champlain


The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association says it will be looking into the automated calls made by the NDP in Lise St-Denis’ riding. The New Democrats seem undaunted.

New Democrats say Lise St-Denis owes it to her voters to return to the polls. “If Lise St-Denis has confidence and an ounce of respect for democracy, she’ll let the citizens of her riding be the judge. If not, she’s unworthy of representing them.”

“New Democrats will continue to work on behalf of the citizens of Saint-Maurice–Champlain. They deserve someone in Ottawa who will stand up for them and represent their values,” concluded Turmel. “The families of the region can continue to count on us.” To demonstrate this, the leader asked Robert Aubin (Trois-Rivières) and Ruth Ellen Brosseau (Berthier – Maskinongé) to step in and bring the issues affecting the people of Saint-Maurice – Champlain to the House of Commons.


The fight for Saint-Maurice—Champlain

  1. But wouldn’t any poll with leading questions have an aspect of advocacy to it?  

  2. When Turmel spouts this self-righteous stuff, does any reporter ask her to explain how this fits with the NDPs position on forming a coalition with another party after an election and not facing the voters again?  One person crossing doesn’t change our government much – and an MP is required to represent ALL his or her constituents, not just those who voted a certain way, so not sure how the party comes in to running a constituents office.  Forming a coalition where one cannot be sure if the government will run on party A’s platform, party B’s, or something else is a much larger change to government.  I’d be interested in hearing how Turmel explains the difference.  Has anyone asked her?

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