The Final Days: Brantford


(From now through the end of the campaign next week, I’ll be with the Liberal tour. Regular reports should appear here irregularly.)

Quick trip to a machine shop. Short speech before a half dozen cameras—and a row of workers almost uniformly outfitted in t-shirts, blue pants, boots and poker faces—then a scrum. For the record, half a dozen questions passed before anyone broached the subject of last night’s unpleasantness.

Mr. Dion repeated much of what he’d said earlier in a morning interview with the CBC. “This,” he said at one point, “has nothing to do with my understanding of Canadians’ problems.”

Next, Burlington. Then, Brampton. The latter stop said to coincide quite coincidentally with Jean Chretien’s Friday night plans.


The Final Days: Brantford

  1. Is it just me, or does the GTA have an odd predilection for B names for streets, towns, etc.?

  2. Did Dion ever end up answering the question of what he would have done that was different from what Harper has done to deal with the financial turmoil?

    I thought he did. But, apparently, he stuck to his 30 day plan for after the election.

    I mean, don’t Canadians deserve an answer, instead of this 24/7 bashing of Harper’s economic performance by Dion?

  3. As I look into my crystal ball, I see that no matter what Chretian says today. Media and Liberals everywhere will say “it was one of the best ever speeches of all time and really hit Harper hard. It will propell Dion into the final weekend with victory close at hand.”I think I could write the report now if any reporters are interested.
    Myself I’ll just think sponsorship, but I promise that I will resist calling him a “dispicable human being.”

  4. Brantford isn’t in the GTA

  5. Daryl – the Chinese government could do with your sort of skills.

    From PCWorld.com

    “Thursday, September 25, 2008 8:30 PM PDT

    China’s official Xinhua News Agency ran a story on Thursday announcing ground controllers were tracking Chinese astronauts sent aloft for the country’s first spacewalk, complete with details and quotes from the astronauts. There was just one problem: the astronauts had yet to blast off for the spacewalk, which is scheduled for the early hours of Saturday morning, Beijing time.”

  6. hmmm Aaron….Greg Weston seems to have had a far more interesting time at the Brantford rally.
    Interesting observation though about “a routine Dion rally”….”it wasn’t very big or very interesting”

    Greg Weston Blog entry starts here

    Snaps set Brantford cops abuzzing
    Must say I have been hassled by cops far more during this election campaign than at any time since my days as a partying Sixties hippie in Banff.
    Yesterday in Brantford, a local cop was actually filming an otherwise routine Stephane Dion rally, which is to say it wasn’t very big or interesting, much less worthy of police surveillance.
    When I began taking photographs of the policeman taking films of the perfectly behaved crowd, it must have set all those earpieces abuzzing.
    In no time, a rather large member of the Brantford Police was demanding I show some identification.
    When I showed him the official Liberal party accreditation around my neck — the thing is the size of small billboard — he gave me some silly line about it could be counterfeit, and demanded something else.
    Being a law-abiding citizen breaking no laws — and probably security cleared to a higher level than the cop — I refused.
    They eventually left me alone when the incomparable Liberal tour organizer Alfee Moreau told them to leave me alone.
    When I asked the Brantford brass why they were filming a political rally, I was told “this is normal for our community liaison officers.”
    How nice.
    My first encounters of the feds kind was being jostled in the early weeks of the campaign by some of the Mounties assigned to Stephen Harper.
    The RCMP are supposed to be ensuring the prime minister’s safety, but have been regularly pushed into silencing protesters at photo ops, and other blatantly political duties such as ordering scribes around.
    Earlier this week, someone in a phalanx of RCMP bodyguards and Toronto police slammed my head into a wall and pushed me backward, knowing full well I was a journalist covering the PM.
    The incident happened after a lone Greenpeace protester jumped up on a table and began shouting “Save the Planet,” during a Harper speech in a Toronto hotel.
    So threatening to the PM’s safety was this man in a gray suit and tie that six cops took him down and dragged him out of the hall, both arms twisted painfully up his back even though he was not resisting.
    As he was being rushed down an outside hallway — the cops obviously wanted him to disappear before the cameras showed up — I ran beside him, getting his name and phone number.
    Before I could finish jotting down his number, two cops sideswiped me, one knocking my head into a cement wall while the other pushed me backwards.
    When I pointed out Canada is not officially a police state, one of the nation’s finest treated me to a growling string of obscenities.
    All in the name of democracy. Sweet.

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