The Final Days: Oakville


(From now through the end of the campaign next week, I’ll be with the Liberal tour. Regular reports should appear here irregularly.)

A sunny morning on Main Street. Mr. Dion emerges from the bus emblazoned with his face, accompanied by his wife and somewhat overwhelmed-looking daughter. The requisite crowd of sign-waving partisans cheers his arrival.

The slow-moving mob, picking up cameras and microphones and gawkers as it goes, proceeds up the street. The necessary charming of small children, senior citizens and household pets proceeds. 

Mr. Dion enters a diner. The brunch crowd applauds. The candidate is directed to a bakery. A mother there poses her son with him and introduces the tall gentleman as the next prime minister of Canada.

“What do we now Bonnie?” Mr. Dion asks. “We’re going to buy some croissants,” explains Bonnie Brown, the local MP. 

He approaches the counter and the cameras click away and the bakery owner emerges with a box of chocolate pastries. Mr. Dion insists on paying. The baker and he discuss tax policy.

Next it’s a coffee shop. The Liberal leader greets customers, then steps behind the counter to pour a few cups. One of his aides asks the crowd if anyone would like a coffee, an elderly woman steps forward seeking a cup of black. “That’s on the house, from Stephane,” Dion offers. “Careful, it’s very hot.”

The woman giggles.

A few minutes and a couple dozen handshakes later, Dion’s back on the bus, the mob having moved approximately two blocks.


The Final Days: Oakville

  1. Did anyone in the donut shop ask the “next Prime Minister of Canada” why he insists that he will proceed with his Green Shift in the wake of the global financial crisis despite the fact that both of his two most senior caucus members (Messers Ignatieff and Rae) have warned that this is the wrong thing to do?

  2. Aaron,

    The Liberal Party called. Your membership has been extended to 2012.

  3. The fact that Duffy is fat is irrelevant, but he is indeed a despicable journalist who has really shown his true colours during this election.

  4. Do you get to claim this column as a political donation on your tax return?

  5. Was this particularly “glowing”? It seemed rather neutral to me.

  6. 1777: Not to mention abominable, awful, cruel, dirty, disagreeable, disgusting, evil, filthy, foul, gross, harmful, hateful, horrible, indecent, indelicate, lewd, loathsome, malicious, mean, nauseating, nauseous, obscene, odious, offensive, repugnant, repulsive,shameless, sickening, squalid, unpleasant, vicious, vile, vulgar, wicked and FAT–very, very fat.

  7. This is hard hitting stuff. I want my money back … er … never mind.

  8. I agree with SW. I see no positive descriptive verbs in this post. All I see is a play by play of the events.

    If you don’t like your croissant then don’t eat it. Simple as that.

  9. The medical term for Mike Duffy is morbidly obese.

    The terms average Canadians might use are as listed above by Archangel at 11:43, plus numerous others too rude to be printed here.

  10. Conservative attack ad (“Where does he think he is? His snooty swanky Parisian European FOREIGN university”) that Dion would come to Ontario and buy croissants rather than Timbits in 5,4,3,2…

  11. My first gloss was to take this as a mild poke at the inanity of staged campaign events like this. (“The necessary charming of small children, senior citizens and household pets proceeds.”)

    But I’m probably wrong, given that the shrill masses of conservative snipers have apparently monopolized truth and balanced insight.

  12. Interesting to see Dion in Oakville today. Within Halton region, it’s one of the few seats that has remained Liberal, both provincially and federally, in recent elections.

    Without reading too much into something like this, it does tend to suggest that he’s trying to hang on to seats he already has.

    Adjacent Halton riding, on the other hand, is more conservative at both levels of government. It might explain why Garth Turner went for the throat in a recent local debate.

  13. All you uninformed CPC partisans – did you bother to read the Pembina report and Harper is absolutely being dishonest with you? Oh, Jack’s plan would be very expensive.

    Na, didn’t think so. You are so feeble minded you can look into things for yourself.


  14. Sandi, is Liberal Canada about belittling people who happen to disagree with you?


  15. “is Liberal Canada about belittling people who happen to disagree with you?”

    Yes. There is no one more intolerant than a ‘tolerant’ liberal.

  16. jwl,

    There’s nothing more intolerant than someone pointing out the intolerance of tolerant liberals. :)

    I think there’s plenty of pricks to be found throughout the political spectrum. The more right-leaning pricks tend to come off as petty children. The more left-leaning pricks tend to come off as pompous blowhards.

    But still, your point about tolerant intolerance is well taken.

  17. I used to think that there was no one more intolerant that a politically correct Liberal until I discovered Lizzie May…

  18. Sean S

    My only point is that many people who claim to be ‘tolerant’, I am thinking of the multi-culti types, are anything but. Two Cents knows exactly what I am talking about.

  19. I do too, jwl. Just having a little fun.

    I’ve spent a lot of time in graduate seminars in the social sciences. Where free thought and scepticism are welcomed, so long as one remembers to direct all criticism toward historically empowered groups, and to treat the typically disempowered as off limits in the same respect.

    If nothing else, it makes for unproductive discourse and sloppy thinking. So worry not, I know what you mean.

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