The Final Days: Ottawa


Liberal Marc Godbout’s campaign office is in the same suburban strip mall as Conservative MP Royal Galipeau. Which helps explain why nine Conservative supporters were positioned by the road, waving signs, as the Liberal tour arrived this evening.

Mr. Dion was joined on stage by his sister, Frances (in addition to his wife and daughter who were traveling with the campaign already).

A few changes to the stump speech; one to address Elizabeth May’s alleged call for Green supporters to vote Liberal or NDP in various ridings; the second to address Stephen Harper’s admission that the Conservative climate change plan will lead to higher energy costs.

Which admission? Apparently this one (scroll down to paragraph 14). Though one assumes the question has been asked of the Prime Minister before and, for that matter, he didn’t wait until his last press conference to clarify that. Er, right?


The Final Days: Ottawa


    Here’s a video I put together examining the environment in Canada and the Conservative government’s record of inaction. Highlights the unknown impact of their policy, its admission of being a “tax on everything”, and impact information not made available before an election.

    *** Aussi disponible en Français


  2. The free ride the Con’s have enjoyed on the costs of their cap & trade plan is a sad indictment of Canadian media. Not surprising though, since as Lawrence Martin just pointed out on CPAC, the vast majority of Canadian media is Conservative owned.

  3. Nonsense… it’s a well-known fact that the liberal MSM is out to get poor conservatives.

  4. What an odd couple of paragraphs at the end of that CP story.

    “But the Conservatives also have a plan to cut emissions by 20 per cent from 2006 levels, by 2020. When asked Saturday to price his own plan, Harper merely said it wouldn’t cost much.

    He also said it could lead to a three- or four-per-cent rise in energy costs.

    Reporters had been hoping to get a more precise number out of him before election day, so that the costs of his plan could be compared with the one he has spent five weeks campaigning against.”

    Really? Because I asked one question about the cost of Harper’s plan on Day 4 of this campaign, and I don’t believe I heard anyone ask him another question at any point since.

  5. But Paul, last week’s Macleans says clearly that the Tory plan will be just as costly as the Green Shift. Other than an explanation of how $40*(all emissions) could be equal to $65*(something like 20-30% of emissions), what more information could Canadians or journalists need?

  6. The Harper hidden carbon tax is something that has seemed to escape everyone during this election. Very sad.

  7. Style: marginal cost of emissions is what has a large effect on economic decisions. Thus a $65 incremental cost is more economically damaging than a $40 incremental cost. What makes you think that production that would be unprofitable at $40 per tonne would be affordable under $65 a tonne?

    And what tax cuts is Harper offering with his green plan? That’s right, the money going to be paid by consumers and pay for pork-barrel ‘technology fund’. Oink oink.

    Real conservative…

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