The Final Days: Scarborough


(From now through the end of the campaign next week, I’ll be with the Liberal tour. Regular reports should appear here irregularly.)

No aberration then, that TV interview. In the basement of Flipper’s Fish House, Mr. Dion just gave an altogether impassioned scrum (if such a thing is possible). The traveling press corps are increasingly at a bit of a loss to find anything “new” in what the candidate has to say, but there is perhaps not much new to say at this point—just make your case over and over and over again.

One assumes too that Mr. Dion is keenly aware that every word he speaks may represent his last chance to convince someone within earshot before Tuesday. Pretty much everything should probably be interpreted through that context from here on.


The Final Days: Scarborough

  1. Are any of the Scarborough Liberal seats in play?
    Derek Lee?
    What about Mark Holland over at Ajax-Pickering?

  2. Wappel is not even running. The rest are landslide victories for Liberals.

  3. So Dion is in Toronto for a couple of reasons then

    1) They are more worried than they are letting on

    2) Natural stops given that he is doing media inteviews in the media capital

    3) They arent worried about losing toronto seats…BUT they need the votes to ensure their funding doesnt dry up more. Aven a vote in Toronto centre is worth cash to a party that needs cash…..

  4. ” Pretty much everything should probably be interpreted through that context from here on”

    So, no changes then. Steady as she goes.

  5. Dion is begging for votes in Scarborough.

    In related news, Harper is on his knees in Calgary, asking the voters to please please please vote CPC.

    PS–I work in Scarborough–LOTS of blue signs (not that it means anything).

  6. Well hey, at least Dion is still talking to the public (via reporters) until the end of the campaign.

    Harper now isn’t talking to anyone until after the election. Nice transparency and responsiveness to voters there, Steve.

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