The Final Days: Tomorrow’s itineraries


Dion: Fredericton-Longueuill-Winnipeg-Vancouver
Harper: Cornwall-Fredericton-Vancouver


The Final Days: Tomorrow’s itineraries

  1. What’s up with the focus on PEI? Are PEI’s 4 seats really that important or are the campaigns doing something symbolic, starting on East Coast and finishing on the West Coast.

  2. Typical Lib-Con bias here. I am interested to know Jack Layton’s schedule too. Why was it left out?

  3. jwl, Fredericton is the capital of New Brunswick, not PEI. 10 seats in Fredericton….but I think both leaders are going there for the sake of several close races in the region, such as Fredericton itself. Both democratic space and election prediction project have Fredericton in the too close to call category. I agree the symbolism of going coast to coast is important too.

    It is weird that Harper is flying from central Canada to Eastern Canada, then back west…a lot more time on the plane. Then again, maybe that helps him make excuses for not actually talking to anybody.

  4. @MikeD: Why no NDP schedule? Because Layton doesn’t have a hope of becoming PM. And if NDP voters want to get rid of Harper and his backwards policies they better start thinking of swinging their votes over to the Liberals.

    Remember who was responsible for bringing down Parliament and opening the door for a Harper win in 2006? Yes, that’s right… the NDP. Don’t repeat that mistake…

  5. The NDP hasn’t sent out the leader’s itinerary for tomorrow yet. I’m sure Colleague Wherry will add it when they do.

  6. Kady’s part of the conspiracy.

  7. Thank you, Kyle. I totally blanked on Fredericton/ New Brunswick but I knew someone from village in PEI. That makes much more sense.

  8. D – go away please.

  9. Paul wells wrote’

    “Kady’s part of the conspiracy.”

    Which one, there are so many to choose from

  10. D,

    The Liberals use the NDP shamelessly when it means getting power, but then mocks what they stand for when they’re in office. Maybe once the NDP gets more MP’s, the Liberals will start treating them with more respect.

    Once in office, the Liberals and the Conservatives act much the same from an NDP standpoint. The Liberals check their leftist credentials at the door once the writ period is over.

  11. Jack’s counting his pennies right now…he’s blown most of them in Quebec and not getting the return he hoped for…
    Anyone have any idea who the NDP have in their back pocket now Jack has shot his bolt?

  12. When do the Leaders schedule their appearances in the last week? Mid-campaign? 10 days prior? There must be some lead-up.

  13. I thought Kady WAS the conspiracy.

  14. @Jarrid: “The Liberals check their leftist credentials at the door once the writ period is over.”

    It’s fairly certain that the Conservatives would not have come up with (or supported) the Kelowna Accord, the Green Shift Plan, implemented same-sex marriage or stayed out of the Iraq invasion in 2003. So, saying the Liberals and Conservatives act the same once in office is ridiculous.

    A large majority of Canadians are socially liberal AND fiscally conservative. As long as the latter characteristic holds, the NDP won’t get elected to federal government. So, if NDP voters want to rid the country of Harper in this election there really is only one option: vote Liberal.

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