The Final Days: Toronto


Stephane Dion’s early morning interview with CityTV, in a word: Feisty.

Video to come when/if it becomes available.

Here it is.


The Final Days: Toronto

  1. So it should be!

    CTV, our own Fox News been campaigning for the Conservatives openly. The state of our media is pathetic. The bias is too much. And in top of that, posting that false start was one of the lowest moves I have ever seen in Canada. Unethical at best.

  2. Thread on Tories: “Gotcha!”

    Thread on Libs: “Yeah, feisty!”

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Blogs by a mainstream media outlet really lets you know how the media thinks.

  3. oops meant ‘on top of that’

  4. Yeah, Kody, he probably called Harper a liar again. But that’s not “mean”. It’s “feisty”.

  5. Honestly, I’m not sure if our PM could ever be described as “feisty”. It just doesn’t seem to fit. Over the course of this campaign, we’ve seen, at various moments, an impassioned, strident, relaxed, combative, contemplative, understated, truculent, uncomfortable, testy and jovial Stephen Harper. But “feisty”? Not so much. That’s more of an underdog quality.

  6. Actually Dennis, he called him a “quitter”, not a liar. Just part of the overall feistiness I guess. “Feistiness” trumps “nasty personal attack” every time doncha know…

  7. Feisty? You want feisty? I’ll give you feisty :

    One, two, three, four
    Tell me that you love me more
    Sleepless long nights
    That is what my youth was for

    Old teenage hopes are alive at your door
    Left you with nothing but they want some more

    Oh, you’re changing your heart
    Oh, You know who you are

    Sweetheart bitterheart now I can’t tell you apart
    Cosy and cold, put the horse before the cart

    Those teenage hopes who have tears in their eyes
    Too scared to own up to one little lie

  8. John G, calling an opponent a liar repeatedly since become leader is not an example of a “nasty personal attack?”

    Alternatively, pointing out that Dion couldn’t answer the question, which he couldn’t — even after three tries — is an example of a “nasty personal attack?”

  9. Cons whining about ‘nasty personal attacks’ is rich, after two years of inundating Canadians with “Not-A-Leader”.

  10. Dennis I think you missed the sarcasm in post.

  11. I mean in my post

  12. Yes it was a NASTY personal attack Dennis.

    It was a false start, CTV agreed to that, and then release it to the public as a back stab, Fox News style.

    Besides the question was poorly worded. Is not that Dion didn’t knew the answer to that simple question.

  13. It’s logically ludicrous too, Gina.

    The answer to “what would you have done if you had been elected PM 2 and half years ago” is “I wouldn’t have put the country in this situation in the first place!”

    But Murphy was trying to preclude that obvious answer. And in doing so, created such a convoluted mess of a hypothetical scenario that nobody was quite sure when and how Dion was supposed to have become Prime Minister.

  14. The ATV interviewer’s understanding of correct and understandable English is only a smidgion ahead of Dion’s…and certainly far ahead of Kody’s and John G’s..and well…if we want a ruling on this we could ask Professor bub…

  15. He did seem feisty to me as well.But other words could describe it as well.
    As the women said he was defensive and almost seemed desperate to a point of panicking to try and get a point across to Canadians.
    He was similar on Question period today as well.
    I’d say he needs to turn down the temperature a bit.
    Harper in comparison is cool and confident in these closing days.

  16. The ATV intervies was a perfect example of incompetence.

    It stands to reason that if, as a leader, you choose to attack another leaders policies you should be able to answer the question “what would you have done instead?” You should also be able to understand when you have been asked this question, and you should have practiced your answer. If not for yourself, but for all the supporters that put so much time and effort into getting you elected.

    Sure the question was not asked perfectly, but it was clarified immediately. The fact of the matter is though, that this is a question that Dion should have been looking for and been perfectly prepared to answer. He wasn’t.

  17. Yes James Curran you got me! sigh.. comparing a youtube video edited by an unknown user with a CTV, Globe and Mail headline? you have to be kidding! show us a CTV segment trashing Harper’s French and you might have an argument, till then get a life.

  18. Finally got around to watching the cp24 thingy.

    This guy is not yet good but he’s getting so much better.

    I could never vote Liberal but he is getting more and more impressive. But too little and too late.

  19. I have to admit, this was pure Chretien:

    “Come on, do you believe in polls? They are like tides, they come and they go.”

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