The Final Days: Vaughan


(From now through the end of the campaign next week, I’ll be with the Liberal tour. Regular reports should appear here irregularly.)

While Mr. Dion gave his stump speech to 100 people—50 inside, 50 listening from the parking lot—at another campaign office in another strip mall in the suburbs, a parade of sorts was going on outside.

A convoy of four pick-up trucks out-fitted with Conservative posters advertising the local candidate—Richard Lorello—drove back and forth in front of the plaza, horns hocking, drivers and passengers shouting their support for Mr. Harper. The local constabulary eventually stepped in, seemingly on account of the traffic that was being blocked by this little celebration of partisanship.

The cavalry came in the form of seven sign-waving Conservatives on foot, who positioned themselves on the sidewalk and proceeded to add their voices to democracy.

When the crowd dispersed from Dion’s speech there did appear to be something of a chant-off between the two sides, but otherwise the evening apparently passed without incident.


The Final Days: Vaughan

  1. comment by Mein kampf on Saturday, October 11, 2008 at 7:04 pm:

    “The more I hear of the con tactics they more I am reminded of the tactics used at the start of Nazi Germany,”

    Got to love Macleans…

  2. I totally agree with Mein kampf. When I came up here from the US, after watching the amoral/immoral Rovian tactics unfold down there, I could smell Harper’s gang right away. And JK’s dismissal of it is typical. Instead of engaging with the idea, attack/ridicule whoever’s expressing it. It’s important to stop these people. They have already debased ethics, civility, truth, parliamentary structures, and the law. Their Incremental strategy is worse than all at once, because people actually get used to it. I fear for Canada unless people wake up and block them from power.

  3. what don;t we keep the level of rhetoric down…..whether you like the strategies taken up by any party here or in the US it is an unjustifiable stretch to compare anything happening to the attempt to exterminate a race of people… it is a disservice to history was well as to an intelligent debate about today.

    Macleans can you starting banning Nazi references of this sort pls?

  4. JK,

    You dismiss Mein Kampf’s comment because you perceive that he is equating the Conservatives with Nazi Germany. I don’t think he is. He is “reminded” he says, of tactics, so I take it he is arguing the tactics on the Conservatives have some historic parallel.

    I am reminded of George Santayana’s statement, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

    Here are two excerpts from historical commentary on the German situation during the rise of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi Party):

    “October of 1931 marked the beginning of the political intrigue that would destroy the young republic and ultimately make Hitler Führer of Germany.

    Constant political squabbling among the numerous political parties in the Reichstag resulted in ineffective government.

    Adding to the problem, there were now over a hundred elected Nazis in the Reichstag. Under the leadership of Hermann Göring, they regularly disrupted proceedings with vulgar, rowdy behavior to help undermine democracy in Germany.

    The German people were desperate for relief from the tremendous personal suffering brought on by the Great Depression, now two years old. Millions were unemployed, thousands of small businesses had failed, homelessness and starvation were real possibilities for everyone.”

    Copyright © 1996 The History Place™ All Rights Reserved


    “At no time up to 1933, did the Nazi Party win a majority of votes at elections. They may have been the largest political party in 1933, but they did not have a majority of support among the people. Therefore, those who had supported the Nazis needed to be informed on how correct their choice was with an emphasis on the strength of the party and the leadership. Those who opposed the Nazi Party had to be convinced that it was pointless continuing with their opposition.”

    © 2000-2008 historylearningsite.co.uk

  5. Godwins Law Strikes again

    “As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.”

  6. Archangel
    Thanks. I knew most Macleans readers could understand the difference as you have,

  7. So according to Gidwins Law this discussion became ridiculous at the first post….good law, seems to work well.

  8. Other similarities: disrupting and blocking committee work; dismissing the judgment of independent commissioners; dismissing the commissioners themselves; filing ‘chilling’ defamation suits to block evidence of unlawful behaviour; committing perjury (with ease) to cover the purpose of the suit; in general, aggressively accusing others of what you are doing or about to do (good distraction), announcing the opposite of what turns out to be your plan, setting up rules for show, then breaking them at will. I could go on, but the list is too long. The point is to make sure government doesn’t work so everything depends on The Bully, whose face is all over the walls and all through the “platform”. Lie freely, as necessary. Meanness counts, especially when it’s breathtakingly low. See Orwell for further discussion.

  9. Good one, Archangel. Thanks. Will come in handy.

    We need another one about psychopaths. Or at least seriously sociopathic narcissists. No empathy, no remorse, no conscience.

  10. Nazis? Are you guys serious? Every party does this sort of thing. What about the case of Sgro & McCallum (IIRC) crashing a Conservative campaign event in ’06? I personally can recall NDP supporters protesting & trying to keep Mike Harris from a campaign event in ’99. Anyone who even remotely thinks there are comparisons with the Conservatives & Nazis/fascists do nothing but illustrate their ignorance of history.

  11. Why use Mein Kampf as your internet pseudonym if you are appalled by the Cons so-called Nazi tactics?

  12. Desperate and ignorant people compare Nazi Germany to their adversaries here in Canada.

  13. VERY FIRST POST and someone already brought up Hitler?
    That may be a new record! I think this calls for a self banning myself from these forums until election day – you people are too crazy to communicate with; even on the internet. Good day, and happy voting!

  14. Having read the desperate and ignorant posts that continue to blindly insult people rather than address issues, it is no surprise where they are coming from. After a long night & morning with police after Mr. Richard Lorello’s signs were sprayed with profanities and racist remarks, justice will finally be served as the culprits were finally caught and their names and associated political party makes it’s way around the internet with the police report as evidence. Shame on those that blindly hurl insults without any meaningul intent but to smear, slander, and damage others, regardless of what party they are from. You are not made of the same metal as a true Canadian and if you know so much to make comparisons to American politicians, just move there and vote in their election.

  15. Any comparisons to Nazi’s is opportunistic exploitation of the plight of the Jewish people for political motivation where absolutely no comparison exists. The holocaust is about a people exterminated at the hands of a tyrant dictator. Simply shameful to make such a reference. Your party can keep you !

  16. There is really going to have to be a time when we can analyse Nazi political strategies without invoking the Holocaust.

  17. GO NDP

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