The Final Days: Winnipeg -

The Final Days: Winnipeg


Judging from the angle of his head, viewed from 20 rows back, it looked like Stephane Dion caught a nap between Quebec and Manitoba. He awoke in time to speak before a hundred or so supporters in an airport hangar just off the tarmac at Winnipeg International Airport. 

Not his finest stuff. The cavernous venue let the momentary bursts of energy float away. It was cold and grey outside. The latest poll numbers were no good. And anyone there was, presumedly, skipping Thanksgiving dinner to be present. 

Still, the assembled seemed quite taken by his closing stanza. They always do.

Onward to Vancouver.


The Final Days: Winnipeg

  1. How fitting, that the man all were decrying as the most “principled” of the national leaders,

    ends his campaign wallowing in the gutter, and sounding every bit like a loony left blogger, with the classless pitch:

    “Harper’s a liar.”

    There’s a reason for this of course.

    He’s seen the internals. They’re showing it far, far worse for the Libs than the press polls.

  2. Harper is liar, no big deal.

  3. Meanwhile,

    Harper’s last ad of the election, is a thanksgiving one,

    encouraging folks to give back to those in need,

    thanking our troops who fight for our freedoms,

    and wishing us God’s blessings.

  4. Another masterstroke.

  5. How fitting that the most principled of the party leaders is ending the campaign by telling Canadians the truth they need to hear.

    Harper *is* a liar.

    He’ll even lie in court when it’s convenient, according to his own expert witness, anyway.