The finger gun registry -

The finger gun registry


After QP yesterday, NDP Carol Hughes stood on a point of order to lament that Conservative Brad Butt had a made a gun gesture with his hand. A short while later, Mr. Butt apologized.

Jeff Watson was the subject of a similar complaint in 2009 and Jim Hillyer celebrated the demise of the long-gun registry with a round of finger guns last December.


The finger gun registry

  1. This guy is a walking embarrassment. Makes me sick that he represents my riding. All he ever does in the House is attack the opposition and read Conservative Party talking points, he also refuses to respond to any phone calls or emails constituents make. Worst of his kind: the stupid, offensive, dead-head seat warmer kind.

    • My feelings exactly about my Con MP. I’ve stopped bothering to email her office – if I want to read Con talking points I can read the news – that is of course, when her office bothers to respond.