The first Conservative attack against Justin Trudeau -

The first Conservative attack against Justin Trudeau

‘He’s in way over his head’


Et en francais.

And here is the companion website.

The striptease footage is taken from a liver foundation fundraiser in Ottawa in 2011.

Update 7:57pm. A second English ad.


The first Conservative attack against Justin Trudeau

  1. Oh dear…..the Conservatives have really lost it. When you take a quote out of context it has to be actually believable to work as an attack…..They are really stuggling with their smear machine. Also, one has to wonder why all this attention to the third party…..has this ever happened before where a party spends millions to smear an opponent who is not supposed to be a contender?

  2. I suspect the footage of him taking off his shirt (which was for a charity fundraiser) will only make him more popular.

    • Yeah, like the fact that Trudeau looks good in an undershirt is supposed to make us want to vote Conservative.

      But Huffington Post said they used that footage without permission, so I don’t think they will be able to keep it up long.

      • Heh heh. Attractive man takes off shirt… Conservatives can’t keep it up long…. Heh heh…

        • Naughty. Very, naughty.

  3. This is the way I look at it: If Trudeau can’t overcome ads like this, then (in a roundabout way) the ads are right. He doesn’t deserve to be prime minister. He’s got a lot to prove to me and a lot of people. How he handles himself in the face of this stuff will be telling — certainly more telling than the ads themselves.

    • His first reaction was that he wouldn’t dignify that ad with a response… not a good way to dispel the claim that he’s as elite and arrogant as his dad.

      I think he should roll with the ad and make fun of it, or with it. That will play right in his actual character: playful and sociable.

  4. Abacus polling says that Trudeau would take votes away from the CPC. I think these ads are meant for the CPC base. At least the CPC base who don’t know anyone who has or had liver disease.

    • Taking your clothes off for charity shows good judgement?

      • attacked by a man whose hairdresser lives over his garage.

      • Yes. A handsome celebrity taking off his shirt at a charity auction called “What A Girl Wants”, in an attempt to increase bids for a lunch date with him shows what could be called “good judgement.”

        • Lisa Raitt was shown on the news saying she was at the same charity event and wouldn’t have taken her shirt off. just as well since she probably would’ve been greetd with cat calls and cries of “Put it back on!” :)

    • That strikes me as exactly correct. I’m looking at these ads and thinking, “Well.. old white men might be turned off by them.. but if anything, they might encourage younger voters because they’re showing someone they can identify with” and I couldn’t understand why they’d bother.

      But what you said makes sense in that respect. If they’re getting worried about losing their older voting base, this is a good advert for them.

      • Racism and ageism and irrelevance all in one comment, eh, Thwim?

  5. He did this to raise money. For medical charity. And guess who sat with him at the fundraiser? Laureen Teskey Harper, that’s who. Oh well, I imagine JT and his sweet looking wife have got their heads around the attacks that surely will keep coming over the next few years. To date, no other party has done such over the top ads against harper, have they?

    • And apparently they are using footage they don’t have the right to. A big big apology and a donation to that very charity might be in order, CPC.

      • Bringing even more attention to the ads.

        • Bringing more attention to the cpc’s lack of respect for laws.

          • Aren’t they supposedly trying to toughen up the copyright laws on exactly this kind of thing? More “Do as I say, not as I do” approach to governing.

    • No of course they didn’t. I wouldn’t be allowed to make it up if they did.

    • He already has…along with a request to all 235,000 supporters for a donation to both the LPC and the Liver Foundation!

  6. Well, as long as it makes Mr Harper feel better…

  7. Wow! This ad makes me want to donate $10 to Justin’s campaign. Cool!

    • I dislike the Liberal party and wish they had not chosen Trudeau as their leader, but the ad is so smug, unlikable and moronic that it makes me want to donate money to his campaign as well!

    • And this ad has made a fortune for the CPC : )

      • Trudeau is using it as a fundraiser as well – he sent out an email this afternoon.

        • He also used it as an opportunity to canvass for more donations to the Liver Foundation. I gave to both.

  8. ‘Quebecers are better than the rest of Canadians’
    That pretty much kills both Trudeau’s “Harper is divisive” talking points, and gaining support in Western Canada, eh.

    • Welcome back, Dennis F.

    • He was quoting his late father, who was saying that quebecers don’t need special protections in the constitution because they are already rich with culture. Educate yourself.

      • He was PARAPHRASING his late father.

        • PARAPHRASING(ish)

          • And you would know exactly what Pierre Trudeau said to his children when they were young how exactly?

    • It does nothing about Harper is divisive, and out of Western Canada, it’s really only Alberta that has a serious hate on for Quebec, that I’ve been able to tell.

      • “:it’s really only Alberta that has a serious hate on for Quebec, that I’ve been able to tell.”

        Wow. Most. Bigoted. Comment. Ever.
        Not to mention ignorant and false.

        Have you ever heard of Brockville, Ontario? Just askin’.

        • Understand the difference between a province and small town? Just askin’.

          • So the entire province of Alberta staged a demonstration at which they stomped on and descrated the Quebec flag? Do tell. So far, the only Province I’m aware of where that occurred is Ontario. So wear it.

  9. Seems to me the plucky thing to do would be to ask the Prime Minister if he would be willing to match Justin’s contribution and donate $1900 to the Canadian Liver Foundation.

    • Better yet “I pledge to donate another $1900, if Mr. Harper stays clothed throughout the next election”

      • They could donate by the pound.[ oh dear, we should stay away from the tubby jabs really.]

        • and yet Mulcair, now the chubbiest of them all after harper has slimmed down a bit, remains unscathed. DAMEND MSM COMMENTERS

          • But Mulcair actually looked good in that tubby cowboy rig…kinda like a Texas oil tycoon. Which probably wasn’t what he wanted exactly.

    • He donates rather large amounts of money to different charities.

      Oh and by the way, all the profits for his upcoming book (which will be a best seller) is going to charities.

      • Will he apologize to cancer sufferers for the harm that’s been done by ths ad?

  10. I agree with gottabesaid, if Trudeau can’t weather these ads he’s not worth it anyway. Because this ad is very bad. The juxtaposition of the striptease and the laughably blatant cut off on the QC quip is bizarre. (it’s that bad. Even someone who isn’t familiar with that interview can see its cherry picked/edited)
    This ad’l make a few cons mad and make an awful lot of ladies go aaahhh![ goodness knows what it is doing for some the back room conservative boys?]
    It’s at least as stupid as the one with MI blowing kisses at a mirror image of himself. I guess I don’t share the gene that makes hard core cons laugh. But someone could have a lot of fun with the fact that the very first shot they get at him opens like a bit of homo-erotica…now that is funny.

    • In the editing room, John Baird made a double take…

  11. Good to see our government is working for the public and not itself! Thanks Harpy, your wasteful spending is not going unnoticed! :)

  12. All this ad will do is make a few hardcore con donators a wee bit poorer (which is probably the intent). I can’t see anyone else getting righteously angry over Trudeau having a bit of fun at a fundraiser.

    • I just read that donations are pouring into the liver foundation — that’s what he was raising funds for in the strip tease footage — because of this ad. Also pointed out: he’s got the moustache because at the same time, he was raising money in Movember for prostate cancer, the disease his father died from.

      • Not true.

        • The Liver Foundation itself has claimed that their donations have increased measurably, and that a number of the people donating are citing the Trudeau spot as the reason they donated.

      • While I hope donations are pouring into the liver foundation, more so than usual, where did you happen to read their daily financials? Could you provide a link?

  13. I hope JT gets ahead of this one when his turn comes up to speak today..has a bit of fun with it. Miming a striptease right off the bat should do it…appearing in his undies might be pushing it eh!

    • He could just slide his jacket coquettishly off his shoulders. Really, I kind of think the way to battle these silly attacks is to laugh at them. I rather doubt that the prime minister likes being laughed at.

      • He has too be careful not to waggle his butt too much though…don’t want to give John, on the other side of the House, hot flushes.

        • Wow! You’re resorting to making fun of homosexuals?!?! Is this what the Liberal Party of Trudeau will resort to? You people are absolutely shameless.

          • LOL cue the clowns.

          • Homosexuals – in Harper’s caucus- surely you jest…

  14. The ad doesn’t need to appeal to reasonable people; it only has to raise funds from the Conservative base.

    • Yeah, but what’s going to raise the most, the strip or the shout out to QC?

  15. Negative-shmegative…

    We expected attacks, but we didn’t expect even them to attack @justintrudeau for raising money for cancer research. #cdnpoli #judgement— Gerald Butts (@gmbutts) April 15, 2013

    Harper’s Canada. Even raising funds for cancer is political fodder.

  16. Love the ads and they will work.

    • Maybe to keep the old fogies voting CPC.. but I can’t see them gaining much ground with them otherwise.

    • The way you keep pushing these, I’m starting to think maybe they are your handiwork…

      • Haha nope. But I know how this works, is not a one second decision “let’s make a mean ad” kinda thing it requieres a lot of work, they do it because IT WORKS. The other parties can do it too, it’s up to them.

        • You’re threading a very fine line between slander and abuse, then you propose escalation. That’s dangerous.

          • Are you sure is slander?! Take them to court and good luck with that : )

          • First they take something personal out of context to use against someone, just shy of slander, then there’s the escalation you hope for… would you really recommend it to them if it was your job on the line? Obviously they are big boys in the public eye, they must have thicker than normal skin. But we’re still talking about people with friends and families. This type of goading escalated will end up hurting people in more ways than it is imaginable and if the end result is a libel suit would you really want to be the “expert advice” that proposed it?

    • Hehe, totally. Look at how many of the paid Liberal trolls are out trying to make this not look an absolute Apocalypse fewer than 24 hours after his coronation.

      • And if it was the other way around, they wouldn’t be complaining.

        • I really think that Harper’s attack ads was exactly what the liberals were saying years ago. Harpers “hidden agenda” are attack ads! They nailed it!

    • You would probably love it if Harper took his shirt off. You certainly don’t speak for the majority.

      • They will work.

        • YOu forgot to use ALL CAPS, to make incessantly repeating a point EVEN MORE TRUE!

          • And you keep thinking that the most you post you will make a point. Guess what YOU DON’T!!

  17. Outdone by emperor Harper who has no clothing!

  18. Hey! If you’re going to call it a striptease, it should at least include him being fully shirtless. False advertising, Macleans! ;)

    I’m not supporting the guy, because this is an election for the leader of our country rather than a beauty contest and the NDP has solid policies, a talented and experienced leader, and national support, whereas the Liberals have none of the above. But I’ll readily admit that Trudeau the younger sure is pretty.

  19. How sad. There was an opportunity here to take the high road, congratulate the new leader, and promise a sincere engagement on the issues facing the country. Instead, derision and childish attacks. We must demand better.

    • Indeed. If only Trudeau, or the Liberal Party of Canada had chosen such national engagement. Instead, the LPC chose a leader who’s leadership basically consisted of saying “Huh huh, I’m awesome!”. How are you going to demand better from Trudeau, who actually called a Minister of the Crown a “piece of s***” on the floor of the HoC? Speaking of “Childish”?

      • To be fair though, Peter Kent really is a piece of s___.

        • And so are you.

      • …called a Minister of the Crown a “piece of s***”

        Actually that is one of the best things he ever said,

        • Well I guess on the bright side, it’s open season on calling Trudeau a piece of shit from now on.

        • If it walks like a duck…..

      • He was the using the scientific term for the likes of Kent. I thought you liked the truth.

        • Is that the same kind of “scientific decision making” Trudeau plans on employing upon taking over his families rightful throne as King of Kanada?