The first rule of party discipline


The Star-Phoenix seems to be having some trouble finding anyone in the Harper government or Conservative party to respond to Brad Trost’s comments.

Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar MP Kelly Block, who serves as Saskatchewan caucus chair, would “not have any comments,” one of her staff said Tuesday. Block’s staff member referred questions to the government whip, Conservative MP Gordon O’Connor. “It’s jam-packed. I’ll see if there’s anything we can do,” an official in O’Connor’s office said Tuesday morning, but did not call back.

A spokesperson in Harper’s office took a message Tuesday, but no one returned the call. Messages to the media line at the Conservative Party of Canada’s office in Ottawa went unreturned Monday afternoon and Tuesday.

Mr. Trost expands on his concerns in an interview with the Star. The Star-Phoenix editorial board cheers him on.


The first rule of party discipline

  1. I doubt anyone wants to be anywhere near Trost today….for fear of lightning strikes.

  2. Is this a un-reported crime, Trost is toast ?

  3. Why don’t they call Maurice Vellacott?  I imagine he feels the same as Trost. 

  4. Haha, I read the Star interview — Trost thinks “diversity” in the MPs viewpoints strengthens the party — and by diversity, he means white dudes who go to a different fundie church than his. 

  5. My prediction is that Trost is bulletproof.  By jumping out of the shadows on the Planned Parenthood thing, he became the public face of the pro-life faction of the Conservative base.  Max has done the same thing for the ultrasmall c fiscal libertarian conservatives.  

    • Well there’s not much to be done about him anyway; he won his seat and he’s part of a majority government.  I see his “maverickness” as kind of a majority-itis thing — harper is bolder these days, citing his “mandate” as he dismantles everything we’ve built over the years — he knows he has years ahead to do as he pleases.  Same with backbenchers — they’ve got 3 1/2 more years and will be bolder too. 

    • So you’re saying that they’re the ones who deliver blindfolds to the base so that Stephen can keep on doing what he likes?

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