The formula


A long sketch of Pierre Poilievre’s appearance at the Manning conference this weekend will be posted on Monday. In the meantime, here’s the key part of his answer to the panel discussion’s last question—what are the chances for a future Conservative majority?

“We will win a majority if we appeal to naturally Conservative-inclined voters and get them out to vote. And if we turn small-c conservative immigrants into big-c Conservative voters. That’s the formula.”

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The formula

  1. I would have gone with not allowing Peter Pepper to speak in public as a means to increasing Conservative popularity.

    • agreed….i would have thought that was an obvious necessary (tho not sufficient condition).

    • Poivre = Pepper
      Poilievre = Hair Hare (literally), i.e. Bunny Fur

      • Hare Hair? Hear, hear!

  2. What a crazy crazy man

  3. Thankgod for that! Three yrs into the Harper regime, ad i’m still wondering if these guys are serious about chasing a majority!

    • Aaron you are bad! I get it! Pierre was providing the light comic relief. Those consevatives are such funny, funny guys!

      • A few sentences later, he explained how his plan to turn immigrants into CPC voters involved a giant mind-control ray.

        • Well, that’s a relief! I was worried they were going to pander to them, or something.

          • Immigrants are the new Catholics – socially conservative, but fiscally Liberal.

  4. wow; just wow.

    how will they win?

    *not* what can they do to improve things for all of us and our country which would earn them a nod from us?

    by converting those gullible “immigrants” into adherents of the “doctrine of selfishness”?

  5. I stopped paying attention to anything Poilievre had to say after he made those boneheaded comments in a radio interview around the same time that the Conservative government was making an official apology to First Nations for the residential schools program.

    Poilievre is not part of the solution for the Cons, he’s part of the problem.

    • It was the same day.

      And boneheaded? He was defending the ideology behind the residency school system… boneheaded was not the first word that came to mind for me.

      I believe he has been promoted?

      • To me racism is the ultimate in boneheadedness. But I see your point.

        One suspects that Harper is promoting the mediocrities in his party (such as Poilievre, Goodyear, Flaherty, etc.), and keeping the slightly more competent types under wraps (Strahl, Prentice and MacKay come to mind), in order to keep his tenous grip on party power. Won’t last forever though after the next election…

  6. Hmmm. This might be a problem for the Conservatives, then – lots of immigrants to Canada settle in Toronto, a place that Conservatives tend not to like, and that tends not to like Conservatives.

    I guess they’ll have to focus on the 905 area code belt around Toronto. Expect lots of stimulus spending in Markham, Vaughan and Richmond Hill.

  7. “And if we turn small-c conservative immigrants into big-c Conservative voters. That’s the formula.”

    He absolutely correct and I wonder why Cons don’t get much of immigrant vote already. Most immigrants are very conservative in their beliefs, even more con than Cons really, but they end up voting for Libs which makes no sense other than Libs extraordinary efforts to pander, particularly through immigration laws and their willingness to throw millions at these interest groups without oversight.

    • But wouldn’t the best way to get your beliefs across be in a more open environment? Many immigrants to Canada come from states with theocratic, very C-conservative governments that dictate the policy desired by a small, central group of elites.

      Maybe they stand a better chance at a better life with a more horizontal structure than one based on race, ethnicity, religion, language, etc. If the conservatives stood for equality of religion, race, ethnicity, language, etc., then maybe the people looking for equality would vote for them? Not mainly rural white Christian anglophones over 30… or those that benefit most by the status quo…

      • Maybe, at least for some new Canadians, it isn’t so much a matter of finding a party to represent their conservatism but rather of locating themselves in the spectrum of Canadian politics. What I mean is that it might be that the Conservatives are the closest match , in terms of conservative values, but also that, in elections in their own country of origin, these new Canadians voted for moderates and a movement towards the center. A vote for the most right wing party on the political spectrum might be something they have never done.

    • JWL – They’ve been trying, very publicly, to do just that for the last few years. Google around and you’ll find lots and lots of articles about Conservative party ethnic outreach efforts.

      • I know Cons are finally making an effort to court immigrants, I always get Moore and Kenney mixed up and forget who’s the ‘curry in a hurry’ guy doing the hard work, but hopefully it is paying off. It would be much better for Canada, and for them, if immigrants didn’t vote as a block for Libs all the time.

    • The residue of regard for the liberal party is not all bad, but rather a mark of respect for the legacy of P. Trudeau! Cons would do well to build on this, instead of pulling down, but pulling down is what cons do best.

  8. Election= Majority (conservatives=>Conservatives).
    The guy is a regular Einstein.

  9. spare a thought for us long suffering voters who actually have to endure this idiot as our MP, because he will be reelected until he’s 85. yes, he was promoted to Parliamentary Secretary to the PM, if you can believe it.

    now I don’t want to give anyone a heart attack, but he will be a front runner and possible winner in a not so distant future CPC leadership race.

    I know, I know.

    • Please stop. You’re scaring me.

  10. Hold me closer, Pixie Dancer.

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