The fringe standings -

The fringe standings


Popular vote totals for the sixth through 18th parties.

Christian Heritage 19,218
Marxist-Leninist 10,160
Libertarian 6,017
Progressive Canadian 5,838
Rhinoceros 3,819
Pirate 3,198
Communist 2,925
Canadian Action 2,030
Radical Marijuana 1,864
Animal Alliance 1,451
Western Block 748
United 294
First Peoples National 228


The fringe standings

  1. Well, the Communists are now a junior partner in any merger talks with the Marxist-Leninists. But it's their own fault. They just assumed the Proletariat would always vote for them, while the Marxists became the party of fresh ideas.

    • As I understand it they used to be the same party but there was an ugly split, forever dooming the far left!

      • I think the "ugly split" may have involved Trotsky's skull and an icepick.

      • The Maoists couldn't abide working with the Khruschevites. Seems a lot like picking the colour of your prison uniform, but, whatever.

    • The Communists only ran 20 candidates, while the Marxist-Leninists ran 70. So there were many more opportunities for the M-L Party to get votes (presumably from the near-sighted, the poorly co-ordinated, and the fans of random response, in addition to their base).

  2. maybe we should have them at the next debates – just to bug Ms May :)

  3. Christian Heritage MUST be in the 2015 televised debates! Over 19 000 Canadians voted for it!

  4. While they may never win, I appreciate their efforts all the same.

  5. It's odd, because if everyone who said "gee I wish the old PC was still around" voted for them, they'd have a good shot at the government.

    • My cat has a better shot at government than those nuts!

      • Actually, it appears your cat only got 1,451 votes

    • But it's not the old PC party…it's a shadow of the party that brought in free trade.

  6. Most of the CHP people are now in the Con party.

  7. Avast, landlubber! Jest who ye be callin' fringe?

  8. Not that the broadcast consortium would ever oblige, but I would LOVE a televised debate among all the fringe party leaders. Vancouver community cable did riding-by-riding debates a number of years ago featuring every single candidate from each riding. It was riveting entertainment! The Liberals explain how'll they'll reduce the debt through cuts to spending. The Natural Law Party explains how they'll do it through yogic flying, and some guy named Ryan Bigge (yes, I still remember), says he's heard every child in the country is born with a $20,000 debt on their head, so we should just make them pay up.

    • I was only half-paying attention one evening on Twitter, but I'm pretty sure that Kady covered one of these this time around.

      • I wish I could read the words "Twitter" and "covered" in the same sentence and not laugh out loud. But anything that can be said about an election campaign in 140 characters is just not something I find worth reading – and it's not for lack of trying to read Kady.

        • Is this meant to be ironic? Someone who regularly writes and reads comments to blog posts is slagging Twitter for its brevity and lack of insight?

          Your 214 character comment must be a magnum opus of penetrating analysis.

          • I'm not pretending to cover anything.

  9. For entertainment value, and to split the right wing again

  10. I have been legal to vote since 1988 free trade elction and not once have I voted for someone who received more than 1,000 votes.

    I prefer the kooks in the fringe parties who are being authentic to the shysters who allow themselves to be controlled and buffed/polished so they can behave like sheep in major party.

    • But even if a fringe candidate won they wouldn't have any influence on the… oh wait, carry on.

  11. How many leaders of those parties will be in the next election debates?

    It's not fair!

    They deserve to be there!

    I want to hear what the Captain of the Pirate party has to say!

    • So call him or her up. I suspect the phone ain't ringing off the (captain) hook.

  12. Yeah. I mean, do you realize that if we had proportional representation, the CHP would have won more than 0.4 seats?