The Grace Foundation and Rob Moore

The charity distances itself from the Conservatives


The Grace Foundation’s statement last night on the matter of Justin Trudeau seems to put some distance between the foundation and the sequence of events that culminated in the Harper government attacking Mr. Trudeau.

We are deeply distressed about many statements made from various persons. However, we are most concerned with the remarks that the Honourable Robert Moore, MP for Fundy-Royal has made concerning our foundation.

There was never any intention for this matter to become a political topic of discussion on the floor of the House of Commons.

The Board of Directors did not authorize any member or agent to approach the Honourable Member for Fundy-Royal or any political person on this matter.

It’s possibly interesting that the foundation says its board agreed to drop the matter in May. That is the same month that, by Rob Moore’s recollection, he was first contacted by Judith Baxter.

None of which changes the facts of the situation, of course, though it seems there might be a resolution of some kind soon.


The Grace Foundation and Rob Moore

  1. The CPC is making it a lot harder for charities to do their good works with this kind of crap. For shame!

    • The CPC has given Grace and other church sponsored ‘charities’ millions in order that their managers pay themselves hundreds of thousands in salaries and management fees. Many of these church sponsored so-called ‘charities’ are run by members of the CON party. Go figure!!!

      • “The CPC has given Grace and other church sponsored ‘charities’ millions…”
        Have a source for this? I haven’t seen anything about it before…

        • Grace on its own received 6 million over the last two years. Check it out on the web

  2. Most decent people distance themselves from the Cons. They could have given Nixon lessons.

    • Nigel Wright, Pamela Wallin, and even Mike Duffy, you could make quite a list. There are really decent back benchers who have lost their way.

      • Well those are the ‘names’ but there are lots of unknown back benchers that you are assuming are decent, when they aren’t.

        • Well Wright had an impeccable reputation, now tarnished forever by entering the PMO, Kelly Lietch a respected surgeon, lost any credibility she ever had spewing utter nonsense to defend Baird’s bash in London. Rempel seems honest but has teetered on absurdity, as has Rajotte.
          But you are right for every Rajotte or Stanton there’s a Del Mastro or Pollievre.

          • I suppose it depends on what you define as decent or moral. Lots of people find abortion immoral for example, but ignore that 20,000 children die of starvation in the world everyday. The Salvation Army….supposedly built on morality…..thinks gays should be put to death.

            And personally I find ‘lying for Jesus’ to be immoral….and the Con party is chock full of it. It was one of the many reasons I left the party.

  3. Maybe it is true that extreme partisanship rots the brain.

  4. I dunno what this is all about … maybe Andrew or Frannie
    can tell us ..?

    • They have to get their talking points first.

    • Who are Andrew and Frannie? Do you mean Andrew Coyne?

      • Two of the resident Con devotees.

    • Why’d ya leave Rick of the list? As you can see he’s rarely behind the door when it comes to idiotic rationalizations.

      • Makes my head hurt … why Gawd invented the scroll wheel ..

    • Certainly. let me help.

      In regards to the post by Agent Wherry where he links to Agent O`Malley where she links to Agents at the Grace Foundation:
      I am not surprised at the response of the same members at Grace who originally hired Trudeau and then paid him almost the full sum of their take of the fundraiser. Of course they are embarrassed that they were so smitten by young Trudeau that they hired him to speak, just assuming that he would draw the crowds—-and then watched as people stayed away in droves.

      A couple things to remember:
      Trudeau will only draw a crowd in two situations —-at a union or Teacher`s Association meeting or a school assembly where there is a captive audience.
      The other big draw for Trudeau is of course the Liberal fundraiser where old and loyal Liberals are under the desperate and mistaken impression that he is some kind of Saviour. (most of the Libs and new Guests on this board fall under that category ).
      Also the liberal media have been pushing the idea that the Grace Foundation was some kind of Conservative organization because there was some distant tie to the PMO, however you can be sure that the same people who were smitten by Trudeau, then hired him, then watched the fundraiser flop, then politely asked him to refund the $20,000, and now are embarrassed, have closer ties to the LPC then any Party.

      • A feeble effort .. I know you can do better.

        • It must be the truth if that`s all you`ve got.

          • Sadly, it seems you’re right. Perhaps I ejaculated
            prematurely. Some of the early reviews are in :-

            “A Daring Act of Imagination ! Andrew Does it
            Again !” … Sun News

            ” Takes Fiction to Another Place ! Can He Ever
            Return to Reality ?!” … Calgary Herald

            Congratulations ..

      • SPIN FAIL!!! When you have to write a novella to try and squeeze out of this, you should know you`re in the ditch. Just go to ‘it’s the Liberals fault`- it`s where you always end up anyway. You are destined to go down the way you got up – no lessons have been learned.

      • WOW this is as good a CON statement as can found. Trudeau draws crowds from all types of groups including church groups, student organizations and the rest. Cons limit their attendance to card-carrying members of the CON party in order to avoid embarrassing questions from outsiders. Golly-gee some CONS refuse to meet with their constituents for fear of being questioned or having to answer straightforward requests even during election time. .

  5. Makes sense. They’re probably distancing themselves from any politician. Justin Trudeau ripped them off for $20k, and the CPC is trying to make hay of it.

    • Yeah, that’s clearly what it looks like.

  6. Are the ReformaCons even capable of doing anything straight up without all kinds of deceit involved. Is it even possible for these “politicians” to give a straight answer when asked anymore. How are they supposed to be running this country when they’re busy dodging questions and running from the press. It is just scandal after scandal with Team Stupid and they’re now coming DAILY. It’s insane! People in other countries are protesting big time against governments that are way less corrupt than this one!

  7. Lets see — the charity offered Justin $20,000 to speak thinking he’d fill the hall — they failed to sell enough tickets (perhaps poor marketing strategy), so they asked for their money back . What would any other speaker’s answer have been? How is Justin the bad guy here, especially since he’s offered to return the money? Are the Cons saying he should show up for any event he’s asked to appear at for free?

    • A small hall at a too low price and almost no marketing. Many in the St. John area were unaware until this week that the event ever had taken place.

      Just a small fundraising organization shooting too high for it’s reach.

    • Yes, that’s exactly what they are saying. They claim they would – if anyone actually asked…

  8. I can’t say I blame the Grace Foundation for not wanting to make a political point of attacking Trudeau. Even the hint that they were doing so triggered a media party investigation of their finances.

    • They spend more on themselves than on charity. They should lose their charitable status immediately as should any charity who does that.

      • No they did not. That was bad reporting attributing the costs of the nursing home itself to the charity.

        Grace foundation is a group of mostly elder volunteers.which reports one full and one part time employee at a TOTAL compensation of $10,650.00. This paints an different picture of the size and administration overhead from what is incorrectly circulating which is the information for the 80 bed/128 employee nursing home.

        The foundation only had new revenue of $13,700 in 2012, the rest being interest on their savings. They had to liquidate $34,460 in assets, still owe $21,182 in accounts payable. As well their fund base decreased because of their committed or agreed transfer to the nursing home of $83,889.

        Grace Foundation is tiny with low overheads and are in the red for 2012. This scale of event was beyond their experience level and they did not handle it well.

        The valid concern is the subsequent use or abuse, apparantly by one rogue granny, to push for a refund (which they do need) or get their MP to do so or try to do so in a somewhat underhanded way ….. in all honestly something I have seen many opinionated individuals, especially opinionated elderly individuals, tend towards.”