The gynecological case for the Avro Arrow


General Lewis MacKenzie concludes his condemnation of the F-35 and argument for the Avro Arrow thusly.

Critics of this author will opine, “What does a retired Infantry general know about fighter aircraft?” I can only remind them that a significant number of gynaecologists are men and to the best of my knowledge not one of them has ever given birth.

The Prime Minister’s Office says the Arrow won’t fly.


The gynecological case for the Avro Arrow

  1. Okay, that one definitely made me laugh.

    He’ll no doubt get into trouble for it, but it’s true.

    One can only wonder where the air force has been all these years.

  2. If the choice is left up to Fantino we’ll wind up with a plane that has a little flashing blue light on top that you can turn on along with a siren as it chases the bad guys.

    • Fantino is no longer the Minister used to avoid making Peter MacKay have to answer questions about the F-35. I believe it is now Bernard Valcourt.
      Fantino replaced Bev Oda at Minister of Handing Stuff out in the Developping World.

      • oh, that’s a relief then…for us.

        • You haven’t been paying much attention to Fantino, have you?

          Now he’s got access to our money.

  3. So we are going to build a high performance fighter/bomber from scratch (okay we use drawings from A.V. Roe). Yep you just know that will come cheap.
    Sorry General. I love you but this is one tough pill to swallow.
    For the record I support the purchase of the Super Hornet.

  4. If you support the move to buy the Arrow over the F-35, but own an iPhone instead of a Blackberry, you’re a friggin hypocrite.

  5. Lew is running around sounding like he’s got his tubes all tied up in a knot.

  6. Sorry to correct you general but Obstetricians deliver babies. Gynecologists are specialists in carrying for women throughout their adult lives. Some physicians are both Obstetricians and Gynecologists, some only perform one function or the other.
    If you are going to use an example, it is important to be accurate.

  7. Nations such as Taiwan and India produce their own
    indigenous fighter aircraft (although admittedly not very good ones). However, France and Sweden produce very
    modern fighter aircraft with lineages going back decades independent from the
    all assimilating, but now failing, American system. Why can’t Canada, a modern nation with a
    large well educated workforce and comprehensive business and research
    capabilities, do the same? The Avro
    Arrow was designed as a bomber interceptor back in the 1950s but can be
    reinvented as an all-purpose fighter with new advanced materials, control
    systems, avionics, radar and other sensors and modern weapons. Some stealth features could be added such as
    special coatings, but its big advantage would be an ability to fly high and
    fast to overwhelm any opponent – “lookdown-shoot down”. Stealth aircraft such as the US F-22 and F-35
    are only invisible to certain radars and other sensors at certain angles and
    certain conditions; no aircraft is totally “invisible”. These aircraft are relatively slow, with the
    F-35 unable to reach Mach 2. The Arrow is
    a relatively large aircraft with lots of room for new equipment and
    evolution. There is a current trend
    towards fast strike aircraft as witnessed by the US prompt global strike
    program and the new Chinese J-20 fighter.
    A modernized Arrow should be able to push Mach 3, a capability which no
    publically acknowledged US aircraft currently has. The Arrow program could employ tens of
    thousands of Canadians, including new engineering, science and computer grads,
    for decades to come, and most of the program money could be kept in Canada if
    we use our own industry prime contractor and subcontractors and university and
    government labs. Canada could once more
    have a true first tier aircraft industry which would open up many more
    opportunities in aerospace and other industries. The offset benefits offered by US led
    multinational consortiums such as the F-35 programs are an illusion offering no
    lasting benefits. Our industry remains
    “truncated”, a branch plant operation, with all important benefits in
    R&D and systems integration and prime manufacturing remaining in the US. The rebirth of the Arrow would right a historical
    wrong in this nation and help build our future and should be embraced by all

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