The Harper Decade, now an iBook -

The Harper Decade, now an iBook


The Harper Decade, the e-book that compiles my best writing on Stephen Harper over the decade he’s been a party leader, is now available in Apple’s proprietary iBook format. This link will take you to it in iTunes, if you have iTunes.

Things were simpler when books were on paper. The Harper Decade is now available as a .pdf download directly from our website; as a download for owners of the Maclean’s iPad app; in Kindle format for all sorts of Kindle-compatible platforms; and now as an iBook. This page will launch you toward all those other formats, and it also contains a link to the half-hour interview I was lucky enough to do this week with the folks at CBC Radio’s The Current.

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The Harper Decade, now an iBook

  1. Any chance I can buy this in some sort of physical-copy form? Is such a strange thing even possible?

    • You can print the .pdf.

      I should repeat that my big new book of freshly-reported Harper newness will be on all physical bookshelves, published by Random House, in the fall of 2013. This e-book is a step on that journey, or some such.

  2. If this turns out to be the same old tired idea that Harper loves incremental change, not power for its own sake — which we’ve had from Paul Wells approximately a thousand times before — is there a refund?

    • No, the good news for you is, when we say we’ve compiled my writing about Stephen Harper over the past decade, what you actually get is a collection of tasty sandwich recipes.

      • Well, when I first ordered it, I got an e-book about the Shafia case.

        But the proper link later went live, so all was well.
        But for those who’ve feverishly followed Wells on Harper over the years — there isn’t that much new.  Except the endorsement for the leadership — hadn’t started reading the column regularly by then.

        (“Iron Jean” would have been a good add, too!)

        • That said, there’s a neat new intro, and there’s some justice in putting five bucks in the tip jar after having gotten so much free content from the blog.

          So I’d say loyal readers should buy it.

      • It must be so great never having to have a new idea.

    • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
      This classic Wells family recipe will be sure to please the kids once they’ve returned from the playground.
      2 Slices of Bread
      Peanut Butter
      Strawberry Jam
      With a table knife, spread enough peanut butter on one slice of bread to taste. Spread jam on other slice, combine. (Paul Wells “The Harper Decade” 2011, pp. 102-3.)

  3. “The surface calm will serve Harper’s most important strategic objective: avoid nasty surprises so voters can grow more comfortable with the Conservatives over time. Below the surface, this government escalates a dozen of its favourite combats.”

    Wells  I thought your Harper’s Very Political Budget was the most interesting article I have read by any Canadian journo in long time. You actually provided some analysis and opinion and explained strategy – this kind of reporting has mostly disappeared from Canada. 

    I find it odd and disturbing how little information we know about pols and bureaucrats and what they are doing. Our political culture is very secretive – don’t let voters know what public officials are doing or it might scare them – and it leads to bad government.

    Also, I am having a good chuckle at Guestalicious and tigerinexile comments – the public wants to know why you didn’t completely change your columns while compiling your anthology. Surely your fans would enjoy reading a 2008 column or two on how Dion won election in landslide and then successfully implement his Green Shift agenda which then saved the world and Canadians were joyful.

    • Column anthologies often include a little re-working.  See PJ O’Rourke’s “Driving Like Crazy”, for an example.

      But it’s absolutely good work, and loyal readers absolutely should buy a version or two, as a way of putting some money in the tip-jar.  If the writing doesn’t pay, it doesn’t continue.

  4. In the banner ad for the eBook, could you please correct Harpers’ first decade to Harper’s first decade.  Unless of course there is more than one Harper, but then you would need to say the Harpers’ first decade, non?  On a completely different note, does anal retentive take a hyphen?

  5. I think I’ll pass on this one and wait until you release an e-book of your tweets.