The Harper-Ford summit -

The Harper-Ford summit


The Prime Minister will meet with the mayor of Toronto tomorrow afternoon in Scarborough. The Star has comment from the Prime Minister’s Office.

“We’re obviously concerned about gun crime,” MacDougall said when asked about expectations for the meeting. “That’s why we’re trying to crack down on it by passing new laws with stiffer sentences. The mayor expressed an interest in hearing what exactly the federal government was doing, both on the crime front and the stuff that (Immigration Minister Jason) Kenney was talking about last week,” MacDougall said.

“The Prime Minister is always happy to meet with elected officials to talk about what the government is doing, so we’ll run through some of the stuff that we’ve passed, some of the stuff that is still before the House and answer any questions he has,” MacDougall said.


The Harper-Ford summit

    • Has Harper denied a meeting with a single Premier? No? It doesn’t count unless they’re *all* there at the same time? Have they even invited him to any such gathering?

      Linking to a left-wing rag like the Huffington Post doesn’t exactly bolster your “point”, it appears you have to seek out the lowest quality “source of news” possible to make your point.

      • I love the Huffington Post. I didn’t even notice it was a left wing rag. By the way, now that you have warned me about the Huffington Post, can you think of any right wing rags I should avoid?

      • If I want low quality I would go to BC Blue or no wait how’s about SUN Newspapers or “Fox North” or no wait I could just read your drivel.