The Harper government and the separatists


Christian Paradis says the Conservatives are prepared to work with whoever the people of Quebec elect.

“No matter what government is elected, we’re going to work with the Government of Quebec,” said Paradis, who was joined by Harper at a BBQ near Quebec City for the province’s annual Fete nationale. “We can’t always be in harmony with the province of Quebec, but I think you need to do is identify our common interests and need to grow.”

The Prime Minister’s Office says it’s up to Quebeckers.

Andrew MacDougall, the Prime Minister’s director of communications, warned not to get too excited about Mr. Paradis’s comments: “This is all hypothetical as there isn’t even an election. When that time does come, it will be up to Quebeckers to decide who to vote for.”


The Harper government and the separatists

  1. What is this?

    What’s the next piece going to be?

    “There are still separatists in Quebec.”?

    Or maybe “Harper appeals to those he demonized during the last election”? No? Doesn’t do enough to let the reader read between the lines to get upset over what he or she pleases?

    If you want a real shocker for your readership, in pseudo-story format, try:

    (imagine italics here) Journalists discover that Quebecers make up about a fifth of Canada’s population. Add that it’s “weird” to have talked about such a huge segment of the population as though it were an angry neighbourhood homeowners’ association.

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