The Harper government's scandalous carbon-price-paying past -

The Harper government’s scandalous carbon-price-paying past

Sweet memories Vancouver Olympics now soured


Mike De Souza finds that the Conservatives purchased carbon offsets to account for emissions related to the Vancouver Olympics.

The Harper government paid $226,450 to conserve trees in a British Columbia forest to prevent its activities at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics from contributing to global warming, say newly released internal memos obtained by Postmedia News. The three memos, prepared for Environment Minister Peter Kent, said the money was used to buy certified credits to compensate for about 16,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions generated from federal employee travel, security, the torch relay and other government activities at the Vancouver Olympics, which were hailed as the first carbon neutral games in history…

The total would be equivalent to paying a carbon tax worth about $13.55 per tonne of emissions. It does not include other credits that were donated and purchased by suppliers and sponsors to make the Vancouver event entirely carbon neutral.

But it gets worse. Not only did the Harper government pay for its emissions, it apparently did so with an official pronouncement of pride in having done so.

Today, Canada’s Environment Minister, the Honourable Jim Prentice, announced the Government of Canada’s commitment to offset federal greenhouse gas emissions for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

“Canada is proud to be the first host country in history to help offset the greenhouse gas emissions of its Olympic Games,” said Minister Prentice. “This commitment is one of many ways our Government is contributing to sustainable Games and meeting our global climate change responsibilities.”

Of course, the Olympics occurred in 2010, a year before the Conservatives started criticizing Liberal and NDP plans for cap-and-trade and two years before the Conservatives decided that to put a price on carbon was to wish great suffering upon Canadian families.

That said, the Prime Minister, presumably unaware until now of this price paid, will no doubt now wish to reconsider his generally fond assessment of the Vancouver Olympics. And it is probably a good thing that Jim Prentice quit in November 2010 for he would surely have to resign if he was in cabinet this morning.


The Harper government’s scandalous carbon-price-paying past

  1. Does the IOC require that host countries off-set Olympics-related CO2 generation with carbons credits or other forms of mitigation?

    • As far as I know its not a requirement, but governments gotta do whatever it takes to be awarded an Olympics. If carbon offset will help, then carbon offsets it is.

    • Fighting fake with fake! There is no other way of getting rid of fake.

      Many environmentalists are faking it big time. And so they get rebuked by a similar level of fake-ness. Can’t expose the fake environmentalists any other way!

      • Actually there are plenty of folks who will sell you a carbon offset certificate. Just go online there are thousands of them, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one.

        When you buy an offset you can claim to be carbon neutral. Of course, many of the certificates are just photocopies of other certificates and most are are fake.

        But as far as I know, there is nothing illegal about selling fake carbon offsets. It’s no different than buying a gold coin that comes with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’!! What a joke.

        Just look at the million of dollars worth of bogus carbon offsets the BC government has been buying over the last couple of years, so they can claim to be carbon neutral. Ha! Man I would love to get a piece of that business. Sweet.

        • Fake and then some! And we are supposed to fall for that fakeness! No wonder Harper is having a hard time. When being sane within a world of fake, there ain’t much fun in leading anything.

  2. Good on the Conservatives for this initiative. Some questions though: Does this make them environmentalists? Should CSIS or the RCMP start monitoring their activities, just to make sure they aren’t being radicalized, like all those other environmental groups? How much of their funding comes from foreign sources? Do Ezra and Lilley know about this?

    • While
      President Obama didn’t address the Keystone XL Pipeline directly at a
      San Francisco fundraiser on Wednesday, he did give a hint that political
      reality – or his perception of it — will compel him to approve it.

      At the home of a pro-green, anti Keystone XL Pipeline billionaire, Obama set up an excuse for approval:

      He said, “The politics of this are tough.”

      thing that I’m going to have to try to work to persuade the American
      people a little more convincingly on is this notion that there’s a
      contradiction between our economy and our environment is just a false
      choice,” Obama said at a San Francisco fundraiser.

      we invest now, we will create jobs, we will create entire new
      industries; other countries will be looking to catch up, they will be
      looking to import what we do,” Obama said at one of two fundraisers
      supporting Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee efforts to retake
      the House next year.

      remarks came at the home of billionaire Tom Steyer, a major supporter
      of green energy and climate initiatives who is planning to play an
      active role in the 2014 elections.

      said earth’s temperature probably isn’t the “number one concern” for
      workers who haven’t seen a raise in a decade; have an underwater
      mortgage; are spending $40 to fill their gas tank, can’t afford a hybrid
      car, and face other challenges.

      remarks of the president didn’t mention Keystone, but given the recent
      State Department Report — written with input from pipeline consultants
      — that gave the project a green light, Obama appears to be preparing
      even a billionaire opponent for the inevitable: approval of the southern
      leg of the Keystone XL Pipeline because of “the politics.”

  3. I see the Macleans comment boards aren’t being filled up with many comments any more.

    I think it’s because it’s rather boring reading into the same slant day in day out. Objectivity is no longer the name of the game on this here site. And the readership proves it.

    • Or it could be that some of us are just too depressed to comment (much) on this stuff anymore.

    • Yea and the comment boards are overflowing at the Toronto Sun. Must be the quality that determines it.

    • Could just be Francien fatigue ;)

      • Ah, yes, I know. When I look at the groups of people meeting for coffee (day in, day out) at A&W or McDonalds, they too don’t need me for keeping the group going. Light Harper bashing will go on without me there too.

        Have a good one!

  4. I remember the 2010 Olympics when those offsets were bought, many Olympic teams claimed to have carbon offset certificates hanging on there walls to show that they were carbon neutral. They could look down their nose at any other team that wasn’t carbon neutral. It was embarrassing.

  5. Speaking of carbon offsets. Ever notice how Al Gore has no wind or solar panels on any of his
    mansions? Gore owns private jets, eats meat and burns as much fossil fuel as he wants. He can
    afford anything in the world yet he does not invest in wind or solar for
    his mansions. But his carbon footprint is still zero. He
    simply buys the carbon offsets he needs to reduce his gross carbon
    gluttony to achieve a zero carbon foot print. You can ride a bike, erect windmills, eat tofu and Gore will still have a lower carbon footprint than you. He simply
    buys enough carbon offsets so that he becomes carbon neutral, might cost
    him a few hundred bucks a year, that’s all. Installing solar panels and
    wind turbines are a waste of money, neither will ever pay for
    themselves in your lifetime. Which would you do, spend $100 a year
    for carbon offsets or $100,000 for solar panels? Exactly. Gore is
    no fool. He knows tofu and wind turbines are for suckers. Buy carbon
    offsets. Be like Al.

    • You missed the best part, All the carbon credits that Gore buys to indulge his lifestyle are bought from his own supply. It’s a nifty trick that would make the Catholics proud: by transferring money from his left pocket to his right, Gore is abdicated from all his sins. The church used to sell indulgences but Gore has topped even them by buying indulgences from himself.

      • Perhaps Harper could be considered a modern Luther…….

        • You misspelled “Lucifer”

          • Harper Evil Nazi Bad.

          • Drink!

          • That would be a totally great name for a punk band

      • I don’t get it – Gore has invested in a company that invests in clean energy and generates carbon offsets to sell. He is also, apparently, a customer. Does his stake in the company negate the offsets that he pays for?

        • No, Gore is one of two founding members of Generation Investment Management and is named as “Chairman” on their website. I’ve no idea how much he makes from GIM but for the fiscal year ending in December 2011, the Senior Management shared 16 million pounds, in salary, so I suspect that Mr. Gore made out OK.

          • Ok, does *that* negate the carbon offsets he pays for?

          • In my opinion, all carbon offsets are a complete farce, Gore has managed to profit by the farce so, in that sense, I guess he’s smarter than the average offset purchaser.

    • “He simply buys enough carbon offsets so that he becomes carbon neutral, might costhim a few hundred bucks a year, that’s all.”

      Do you have a source for this? How do you know how much he spends on carbon offsets?

  6. I sure would love to see Stephen Harper 2013 run into Stephen Harper 2010 at a cocktail party.

    Catfight! Oh snap, it’s Stephen Harper 2006! This is gonna get crazy!

  7. Jim Prentice is long gone, no more buying of off sets ever.

    Glo-Bull Warming is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated in human history.

    • Your type of thinking tends to discredit all forms of environmentalism as a fraud.
      But I ask you this: Earth’s population continues to grow. All of them aspire to an ever higher standard of living, driven by rampant consumerism, which in turn is driven by profit – you can call it a capitalist model, but it embraces all types of governments, even “communist” China. In my experience, industries driven by the bottom line are less likely to heed environmental concerns; it’s what can we get away with to fatten the bottom line
      The result is ever more extraction of resources and the continual production of chemicals, byproducts and out and out toxic waste. It’s fair to say that we foul the land, the air and the water more and more with each passing year. There are alarmists, apologists, optimists, pessimists and those who just don’t know.
      Looking at this in a big picture sort of way, I find it delusion to think there will be no long term impact. You may smirk and dismiss “Glo-Bull” warming, but it is one of many dominoes that represent the future of our species on a planet with a finite ability to replenish and cleanse itself. Are we not somewhat parasitic, devouring our host and any other species unfortunate enough to get in the way? It’s common sense that this kind of arrangement can’t go on forever.
      So while I appreciate you have found such certainty in your views, I am not reassured by your words. Call me a cynic, but one of man’s glaring faults is greed, and greed does not walk hand in hand with “balance”.
      Myopia is greek for “to shut eye(s)”. Are you really certain that you’re not simply shutting your eyes to support a philosophy that places the needs of “today” above those of “tomorrow?”

      • “Your type of thinking tends to discredit all forms of environmentalism as a fraud.”

        Glo-Bull Warming is fraud.

        There is nothing wrong with reducing pollution, but CO2 is not a pollutant, nor is it a driver of atmospheric temperature, much as the Suzuki’s and Gore’s of the world would like you to believe.

        The most abundant greenhouse gas is water vapour.

        The main driver of the earths climate is the sun.

        Wind and solar power(photo voltaic) can not compete without ridiculous subsidies that drive the cost of electricity through the roof, see what McGuinty and the Liberals have done to Ontario.

        Watch for LNG to start displacing diesel from the transportation industry, land and marine, this will be market driven, not government driven and will reduce particulate output by a huge amount.

        As for myopia, that’s for the followers of that cult called global warming/climate change/climate disruption soon to be called global cooling yet again.

        • By Ken Haapala, Executive Vice President, Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP)

          Failing Models: In his August testimony before the US Senate
          Committee on Environmental and Public Works, John Christy, the
          co-developer of the satellite temperature record, presented a graph
          showing that the models relied upon by the UN Intergovernmental Panel
          for Climate Change (IPCC) are clearly failing. The graph compares the
          projections of 34 climate models with actual observations, both at the
          surface (called surface-air) and the lower troposphere (the atmosphere
          from the surface to about 10 km (about 33,000 feet). The statistical
          mean of the projections is well above the observations – with a
          statistical significance of more than two standard deviations. The
          difference shows that the models are not useful in estimating future
          temperatures. Thus, the claims that by emitting greenhouse gases (GHG),
          particularly carbon dioxide (CO), humans are causing unprecedented and
          dangerous future global warming have no scientific basis. [Note that the
          projections from a few of the models do not exceed the observations,
          however, statistically, they are outliers

          • Guest post by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

            Following my statement at the Doha climate conference last December
            that there had been no global warming for 16 years, Dr. Rajendra
            Pachauri, the railroad engineer who for some reason chairs the IPCC’s
            climate “science” panel, has been compelled to admit there has been no
            global warming for 17 years.

            The Hadley Centre/CRU records show no warming for 18 years (v.3) or
            19 years (v.4), and the RSS satellite dataset shows no warming for 23
            years (h/t to Werner Brozek for determining these values).

            Engineer Pachauri said warming would have to endure for “30 to 40
            years at least” to break the long-term global warming trend. However,
            world’s leading climate modelers wrote in the NOAA’s State of the
            Climate report in 2008 that 15 years or more without warming would
            indicate a discrepancy between the models and measured reality.

  8. Water vapour is the predominant greenhouse gas, maybe Obama will have the EPA
    declare that H2o is a pollutant the same as they did for CO2.

    Eco-tards who fully buy into the cult Glo-Bull Warming should all do
    the planet a favour and reduce the amount of CO2 going into the
    atmosphere by ceasing to breathe.