The Herman Cain bunny ad -

The Herman Cain bunny ad


Why… why no, I don’t have any questions.

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The Herman Cain bunny ad

  1. The bunny was wearing a hoody.

  2. crikey … everyday it is apparent to me that my ancestors settled in the wrong country – Herman Cain ftw! 

    I like American political system that encourages individuals to fly their freak flags and then electorate get to decide which nutter they like best. In Canada, there is way too much concern about style/appearances, and individuals have to subsume into groupthink, which means we have dull as dishwater political scene.

    • His Over-the-Topness Pat Martin might feel personally slighted by your damning indictment of drab Canadian politicos.

    •  But at the same time they have a much smaller political spectrum in the US.  there’s no right/left divide south of the border, the biggest division is between the reasonable and the crazy. 

      • “….  there’s no right/left divide south of the border …”

        Really? Who do you think is more right than Ron Paul and more left wing than Obama in Canada. Cain is reasonable and Obama is a charlatan who is trying to be more Soviet than the Soviets but I am assuming we don’t agree so your division is not very useful.

        WSJ ~ Why ObamaCare Is Losing In Courts:

        But because the future consumption of nearly all existing goods and services is inevitable across the entire population, this argument means that Americans can then be compelled to purchase an infinite variety of goods and services chosen by Washington. Far from limiting what government can do, this is the ultimate enabling principle. Even Soviet apparatchiks, who told producers what to make, did not dare tell people what to buy.

        Ron Paul 2012:

        “Cuts $1 trillion in spending during the first year of Ron Paul’s presidency, eliminating five cabinet departments (Energy, HUD, Commerce, Interior, and Education) …. Makes a 10% reduction in the federal workforce, slashes Congressional pay and perks, and curbs excessive federal travel …. Repeals ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank, and Sarbanes-Oxley.” 

        • But note that Paul hasn’t and no doubt never will, win the Republican nomination. 

      • And the crazies seem to be winning.

  3. I hates wascally wabbits !