The House of Car Salesmen, Lawyers and Journalists


Samuel Kirz compares the trustworthiness of MPs to the trustworthiness of the jobs that MPs used to hold.

A few things stand out. Fewer than a third of the MPs in this sample had a pre-political profession that was deemed trustworthy by more than 50% of Canadians. On its face, that’s a pretty damning evaluation of the people in Ottawa.

However, a closer analysis of the numbers reveals that there’s one profession with a disproportionately large (and negative) effect on the sample. Lawyer is the most common pre-political profession, and 75% of Canadians consider lawyers untrustworthy. If lawyers were removed from the sample, we’d be left with 53 MPs from an untrustworthy profession and 46 MPs from a trustworthy profession. That’s almost a one-to-one ratio of liars to truth tellers. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a damn sight better than our current standing.

Nick Taylor-Vaisey mapped the pre-politics professions of MPs earlier this month.


The House of Car Salesmen, Lawyers and Journalists

  1. David Hume ~ It is, therefore, a just political maxim, that every man must be supposed a knave: Though at the same time, it appears somewhat strange, that a maxim should be true in politics, which is false in fact. But to satisfy us on this head, we may consider, that men are generally more honest in their private than in their public capacity, and will go greater lengths to serve a party, than when their own private interest is alone concerned. Honour is a great check upon mankind: But where a considerable body of men act together, this check is, in a great measure, removed ….

  2. JFK ~ Mothers all want their sons to grow up to be president, but they don’t want them to become politicians in the process.

  3. Brilliant idea. Let’s ban lawyers from being law-makers. Nobody better than the local janitor to be making legal decisions that affect the entire country.

    • Are you a lawyer, Rick Omen?

        • Dang, I don’t know whether to believe this answer or not, because of your background. Well played, Rick, well played.

  4. We need people like Rick Omen to run the Country,with his sarcastic remarks,,and if you want advice just call Rick Omen,i am sure you will get the best advice! ,what a joke!

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