The House of Mutual Appreciation


Ruth-Ellen Brosseau rose yesterday to ask her first question of the government. When she stood she was treated to a standing ovation from the NDP side and applause from various members of the Conservative side.

After stating her question—in French, mind you—she was treated to another standing ovation from the NDP and more applause from various members of the Conservative side.


The House of Mutual Appreciation

  1. Condescending jerks. 

    • Looks like a socialist, smells like a socialist, sounds like a socialist…

      • LOL you don’t even know what socialism is.

        • Okay, then what’s your definition of socialism?

          • The standard one.

            Socialism is an economic system in which the means of production are publicly or commonly owned and controlled co-operatively, or a political philosophy advocating such a system


          • And by that definition, the NDP are socialists. When they use the term “corporate tax giveaway”, they’re implying that all profits earned by private corporations are in fact owed to the government, and any money they’re allowed to keep is a “giveaway” by the government. Every NDP policy is geared towards making Canada more socialist, not less.

          • @Rick_Omen:disqus 
            No they aren’t….LOL

            Corporations have to pay taxes like any one else…always have…since they use all the benefits of society to further their business, it’s only fair they chip in. They still make plenty of profit after doing so.

            The ‘giveaway’ referred to is a tax cut….the govt is ‘giving away’ part of it’s revenue, and has less to run the country on. Which will hurt the corporations in the end…meanwhile you pay higher taxes because they’re paying lower one.

            Every country in the world does this….including the US.  It’s called regulated capitalism.

          • “Every NDP policy is geared towards making Canada more socialist, not less.”

            Good column a few months ago about corporate taxes. 

            Left wing supposedly helping working class but in reality they promote policies that favour unions and elite. That’s why left wing never very popular with working class, mostly popular with elite and intellectuals, workers know who actually supports them.

            The taxation of corporations as if they were individuals has become a worldwide failure.
            Corporate tax, he noted, is fundamentally regressive: It shifts wealth to the rich. And not just because General Electric avoids it and corner shops don’t. Since corporations do not physically exist, corporate tax is ultimately paid by individuals – and, as many studies have shown, those individuals tend to be the company’s workers more often than its shareholders or executives.

            There is another strong argument against corporate tax: It gives businesses far too much power in politics, law and society.


            Sowell ~ Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it

          • @Tony_Adams:disqus 
            Don’t be daft.

            We need a global corporate tax, same percentage everywhere, and no, corporations aren’t people.

      • “Looks like a socialist, smells like a socialist, sounds like a socialist…

        It’s a cat, or at least according to socialists it is. 

        I think it is funny that socialists think we won’t know who they are if they change label even tho they talk like this:

        “Mr. Speaker, there are plenty of places that the government should be looking for cuts, but it is not. For example, subsidies to profitable to oil companies is a start, or cracking down on tax havens is another measure that could be taken, or ending corporate tax giveaways. Instead, we have cuts to environment, to fisheries, to defence, to the National Gallery. It speaks to the government’s priorities: the corporate fat cats get the gold and Canadians gets the coal …. ”


        • The “corporate tax giveaways” is when you know they haven’t changed a bit. Letting a profitable company keep it’s own profits is a “giveaway” alright, it gives away what the NDP is really all about.

  2. Meanwhile, the press gallery threw mud at her and called her an outsider from the wrong part of town…

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