The House stands with asbestos


By a vote of 152-123 this evening the House defeated the NDP’s motion on asbestos. The New Democrats, Liberals and Elizabeth May voted in favour, the Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois voted against.

To my eye, three Conservatives abstained, including Patricia Davidson. I’m told the Conservative vote was otherwise whipped.


The House stands with asbestos

  1. It is a sad sad day in Canada when the government of a supposedly advanced nation like ours votes in FAVOUR of asbestos…every whipped MP should have to live in a house made of asbestos as well. If Harper told them they had to do that I suppose they would!

  2. I imagine that mirrors must be tough for some MP’s

    • I think you’re getting that confused with crosses and holy-water.

  3. They should install it in their offices now that it’s safe.

  4. I guess when you’re busy protecting Canadians from an impending Russian aerial invasion, the gun registry, the long form census and unreported crime, it’s easy to let something like asbestos slip off the radar screen. Give ’em a break.

    • Wow.  The irony in that comment is truly stunning.  Deserving of more than one “Like” from me.

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