The House supports the curtailment of debate


With all Conservatives present voting nay, the NDP motion on time allocation has been defeated in the House by a count of 153 to 120.

The New Democrats, Liberals, Louis Plamondon of the Bloc and Elizabeth May voted in favour of the motion.


The House supports the curtailment of debate

  1. And another one bites the dust……

  2. Why so snarky, Wherry? We debated all we needed to debate in the election. What do we need to talk about now? Sheesh. It’s not like we’re passing a massive crime bill without any public accounting of how much it’s going to cost or anything.

    Oh, wait.

  3. Debating the CWB monopoly for 7 years is ENOUGH
    Dec 2, 2006
    The Conservative government’s promise during the last federal election (2004)  to give farmers the choice to sell through the board or on the open market was made in response to complaints from Alberta’s provincial government on behalf of Alberta farmers who want the monopoly to end.
    “If Prime Minister (Stephen) Harper succeeds in destroying the Canadian Wheat Board … I as a prime minister will reinstate the board,” Dion told reporters earlier this week.
    Read more: http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/QPeriod/20061209/cwb_061209/#ixzz1f46eUAjq

    • I agree – why more debate – just get 30 more MPs in there to fundraise for the parties and continue spending money without counting.  Pure Canadian conservatism.

    • So after 7 long years, another couple of weeks to give the CPC at least the appearance of caring about the 62% of the country that didnt’ vote for them was too much?

      • When did the Liberals and Dippers ever give the appearance they cared about farmers?

        Dippers cheered a protestor in the House who wanted to keep the CWB.
        Ralph Goodale sent farmers to jail, no ‘progressives’ stood up to ‘appear’ as if they cared.

        Here are our heros in the CWB fight,
        in war with ‘progressives’ since 1996, farmers who protested the unfairness of the CWB by giving up their freedom under the heavy hand of Ralph Goodale

        Our heros:-Gary Brandt, 33, of Viking, faced 62 days in jail.-Ron Duffy, 50, from Lacombe, faced 68 days in jail.-Jim Chatenay, 59, from Penhold, faced 62 days in jail.-Martin Hall, 42, from Vulcan, faced 131 days in jail. -Rod Hanger, 32, from Three Hills, faced 75 days in jail. -Noel Hyslip, 42, from Vulcan, faced 131 days in jail. -Ike Lanier, 72, from Lethbridge, faced 60 days in jail. -Bill Moore, 63, from Red Deer, faced 131 days in jail. -Jim Ness, 58, from New Brigden, faced 25 days in jail. -Mark Peterson, 42, from Cereal, faced 124 days in jail. -Rick Strankman, 49, from Altario, faces 180 days in jail. -John Turcato, 42, from Taber, faced 131 days in jail. -Darren Winczura, 35, from Viking, faced 24 days in jail. http://farmers.farmersforjustice.com/index.htm

        • Sorry. Didn’t realize farmers were 60% of the people of this country.

          Oh wait.. they’re not.

          • And that attitude is why LibDippers don’t get the rural vote,
            and why the West is Tory blue.

          • What, did Calgary disappear all of the sudden?

            No.. looks like it’s still here outside my window.

  4. Debating the long gun registry for 7 years is ENOUGH

    Jun 01 2006
    ‘Nathan Cullen is ready to keep his promise to abolish the long-gun registry.
    During the run-up to the federal election two years ago, the then-NDP candidate for Skeena-Bulkley Valley promised voters, if elected, he would vote against the controversial gun registry.’


    • Because debate is so inconvenient for this runaway train.

    • If you’re going to use the appeal to the masses fallacy, you may want to make sure you have at least more than 40% of the masses.  Otherwise, it’s not only a fallacy, it’s bloody stupid.

      • If winning more than 40% of the masses is the criteria for legitimacy,
        how many Liberal and NDP MPs were elected without the legitimate mandate of over 40% of the masses???

        Notable big name Libs who won with less than 40% of the vote in their riding:

        Scott Brison, Dominic LeBlanc, Justin Trudeau, Marc Garneau, John McKay, John McCallum plus a dozen more who won with less than 41%.

        Bob Rae and Denis Coderre won with only 40.9% of the vote…….

        By your threshold of legitimacy the LPC holds less than 20 legitimate seats.

        • Not a criteria for legitimacy.. criteria for an argument by the masses.

          And even if you met that, it’s STILL a fallacy — ie, a bad argument.

    • Because the actual bill is a mess of ideological fantasy and unintended consequences. For instance removing the farmer-elected CWB reps means that the CWB will for the next several years be in possession of money withheld from payouts to farmers and the farmers will have no say over what the CWB does with it. Enjoy your state-run grain company Conservatives

  5. The goal of the Opposition parties now is to goad the Conservatives into burning as many bridges as possible in hopes they get bombed back to 1993 in the next election.

    • Yes, the Conservatives are being goaded…

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