The #IdleNoMore debate -

The #IdleNoMore debate


The Agenda convenes a panel.

Adam Goldenberg looks forward.

But none of it will come to pass if Idle No More loses its coherence, or if it becomes an unwieldy dog’s breakfast of protest and pageantry that alienates the very Canadians who should be its audience. The movement’s first task should be to resist the easy analogies of ordinary politics — of “stakeholder relations” — by making its case not to the Conservatives, but to the people who put them in office.

We will know when it succeeds. When no Canadian is able to shrug off as unreasonable a demand from an aboriginal leader to meet with the government officials who advise and represent the Crown — namely, the prime minister and the Governor General — and not with some lesser minister in their stead; when First Nations no longer need to hire professional lobbyists in Ottawa to make their case to the government of Canada; and when the federal government recognizes, once and for all, that aboriginal peoples are partners in Confederation, not just stakeholders in politics, then Idle No More will have made an important and lasting contribution to the way we understand and govern our country.

Bob Rae considers the concerns.

It is a universal in life that people want recognition and respect. The deeper meaning of last year’s summit, and the Prime Minister’s eloquent apology in the House of Commons, is that there is a hunger for this respect, and appreciation when it is offered and followed with effective action. The Prime Minister faces a deep challenge. Many in his party are opposed to the recognition and constitutional protection that Aboriginal people have achieved, and to its implications. At the same time, the old bromides of assimilation and “let’s concentrate on education and the economy” completely ignore the aspirations for self-government, autonomy, and a real transfer of power and resources that have the deepest roots in today’s aboriginal politics. Mr. Harper’s apology in the House of Commons, and the summit he called last year, have simply not been followed by effective action.

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The #IdleNoMore debate

  1. Insipid tripe from your typical sanctimonious Libs. Liberals have been in charge of Native policies for much longer than Cons have over the past one hundred years, the problems with Natives do not stem from Harper’s apology and his supposed lack of earnestness last year. Rae is embarrassment.

    Is there a whiter profession in Canada than msm? I would be surprised if there is a less diverse profession in Canada than journalism. I am less than enthused to listen to a bunch of white people talk about the problems with Natives and what they have to do to make their communities better.

    White people dominating journalism in Canada is actually a problem and should be rectified. Our journos are overwhelmingly WEIRD people and they don’t remotely represent the breadth of human thought.

    Nature ~ July 2010:

    Much research on human behaviour and psychology assumes that everyone shares most fundamental cognitive and affective processes, and that findings from one population apply across the board. A growing body of evidence suggests that this is not the case. Experimental findings from several disciplines indicate considerable variation among human populations in diverse domains, such as visual perception, analytic reasoning,
    fairness, cooperation, memory and the heritability of IQ. This is in line with what anthropologists have long suggested: that people from Western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic (WEIRD) societies — and particularly American undergraduates — are some of the most psychologically unusual people on Earth.


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    • Is there a whiter profession in Canada than msm?

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      • I was thinking Cabinet Minister, NHL player or local museums.

  2. Bob Rae’s talking out of his 4$$. Focusing on education and economy doesn’t ignore the aspirations for self-government, it’s required for successful self-government.

    Anybody who defends continuing with the way things have been done for decades (under the Liberals) are simply looking for more of the same results. And that’s downright racist.