Brent Rathgeber reflects on the independent life -

Brent Rathgeber reflects on the independent life

‘More doors have open for me than closed,’ says rogue MP


Brent Rathgeber reflects on his first 10 days as an independent MP.

Overall, I have no regrets.  By resigning from the CPC Caucus, more doors have opened for me than closed.  There is speculative talk about starting a new political party and even reviving old ones.  I have been offered speaking gigs (albeit no one has offered me $20,000)!  I would welcome the opportunity to address university students or anyone else who is interested in democratic reform, especially the current imbalance between the executive and legislative branches of government.  I am not interested in leading a party; I am, however, interested in contributing to a discussion on how to improve our parliamentary democracy.   That discussion is desperately needed.

He’ll apparently ask his first question of the government tomorrow.

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Brent Rathgeber reflects on the independent life

  1. It would be poetic justice if Rathgeber did to the Cons what the Cons did to the PCs

    • What, buy the party from a dim-witted frat boy with promises of cabinet seats and helicopter rides?

      • LOL….McKay sure came cheap didn’t he? But no I meant earlier when the socons ripped apart 2 back-to-back PC majorities, and put Chretien in power

  2. repost: Follow-up to
    an earlier discussion re: the distinction between the old PC party and the now
    Conservative Reform Alliance Party ( CRAP) of which Harper is king

    There’s a very interesting article in MacLean’s by Aaron
    Wherry, “And Then There Were Two”, where he writes about the last two
    formally identified Progressive Conservatives on Parliament Hill, and refers to
    this party as one who stood for “moderate centrism”. Well worth the read.