The independent MP for Simcoe-Grey


In late breaking news this evening, CTV reports the Conservative party has officially dropped Helena Guergis as its candidate for Simcoe-Grey.

She was informed of the decision Wednesday afternoon, as was her riding association, CTV Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife reported.

Sources told CTV News that Guergis was removed as a candidate because Conservatives are concerned an election could be called at any moment, and they need to have nominated candidates in all 308 ridings.


The independent MP for Simcoe-Grey

  1. Well, the rumor is out there that the national party commissioned a phone poll in the riding and that they found they'd lose it to the Liberals if Guergis remained the Conservative nominated MP.

    All this before we even know what Helena stands accused of doing (since PM Harper wont tell us) and without knowing if the RCMP ave even bothered to investigate the allegations against her.

    • So what? it's an internal party decision, nothing to do with the government.

      • Everything to do with the Prime Minister though and his judgment and the way he treats people.

        The word "rash" comes to mind, as does "vindictive".

      • You said the same thing when Ignatieff was declared the leader of the LPC right? Or when Dion appointed women candidates?

      • Actually, it's a party executive decision. Nothing to do with the party.

  2. ♫ Turn out the lights, the party's over. ♫

    – Dandy Don Meredith, Monday Night Football

  3. Find a replacement for that other shady character too, in the bank thing.

    Of course, if an election never comes and these people are cleared of all wrong doing the replacement candidates SHOULD step aside for the incumbent.

    • "Of course, if an election never comes…"

      Don't say that too loud, Harper might get ideas.

      • Well there's got to be one by the fall of 2012 I think.

        It might not actually be such a bad thing if we can get that far. I don't understand why everyone acts like an election is for sure 100% going to happen this fall.

        Cats don't need elections, but elections need cats.

        • Whiskas don't need cats, but cats need Whiskas

          • Aren't cats kind of Whiskas raison d'etre?

          • Aren't cats kind of Whiskas raison d'etre?

          • Damn! A logical inconsistency. What do you expect from a dog person? Does that exculpate me?

  4. I think it's pretty safe to say that only Conservatives would want an election now, based on the latest poll numbers, they are still ahead. If they are claiming an election could be called any moment, does that mean Conservatives won't release the documents?

      • The Conservatives are up 2.5%, the Liberals down .6% — how is this not 'exactly bad news for the Liberals'? Within the margin of error? only 4% behind? didn't lose as much as expected? The NDP are down more than the Liberals?

        Need help with the spin, please!

        • Too close for the CPC to "want" an election.

        • The Liberals are up 3.2% since election day and the Tories are only up 1.2%? I realize that's still an increase for the Tories, but it really does scream "status quo" doesn't it? 'Cause I think there's an argument to be made that Harper is more pressed to move from minority to majority in his fourth election as party leader, than Ignatieff is to move from opposition to government in his very first.

          I really think that another Tory minority is worse news for Harper than it is for Ignatieff. Not that it's good news for Ignatieff, or that I'm sure that Ignatieff could survive it politically. I just think it's worse for the PM, and would seem to indicate a Tory ceiling under Harper's leadership that could cause him more problems then Ignatieff would face in losing his very first election as leader.

  5. Boy. The second hand info from the bankrupt gumshoe sure does carry a lot of weight in the PMO.
    Hmmmm…. who knew transparency was so muddy?

    • I'd say the thrown gumboot, and the lame written apology from some hidden location, ultimately set the stage.

      • and you can only dance the gumboot stonewalltz for so long before the other shoe drops

        • It's learning how to two step to the Rodeo song (most pop song in Calgary every first two weeks in July) that's key:

          …And it's allemande left and allemande right
          Come on ya f—in' dummy get your right step right
          Get off the stage ya god damn goof,y'know

          piss me off, f—in' jerk, get on my nerves

    • Me too.

      I mean, clearly she was not competent to be a cabinet minister, but to throw her under the bus, throw her out of the party, sic the cops on her, try to start an ethics investigation, don't let her run… all without even telling her what she has done.

  6. Maybe she has a chance of getting the victim role going, and stirring up some anti Harper sentiment from women especially.
    I wouldn't sell her short running as an independent. But I guess she won't be getting an invite to join the Libs, although I don't think she is a deeply ideology driven Reform type politician.
    One would think if there was really damaging info on her, whatever Harper knows or thinks he knows, it would have leaked out by now.

    • I think, it's fair to say her career in politics is over, but never say never, I guess…

      • Some sympathy starting to be shown in pundits and panels.

        • I think is more than anything anti Harper sentiment, anything to make him look bad. I personally wouldn't want her as my candidate, I wouldn't vote for a person who wants to help herself more than her constituents.

  7. If one takes Harper at his word, are not the offenses for which the lovely (if not coltish) Ms. Guergis being punished unknown to us, unknown to her and perhaps unknown to anyone?

    Perhaps I am alone, but it seems some of the principles of natural justice are being skirted.

      • Yes, beware the wrath of Helena's e-mails from some hidden cocoon. The paid vacation never seems to end. Perhaps Harper should reply with: ""It's really not appropriate for me to be answering, I know, the many questions that you do have,
        I am anxious to answer those questions, but I will not be doing that right now."

    • I stopped taking Mr. Harper at his word a long, long time ago.

  8. Now Simcoe-Grey voters can get a direct view of what Harper's Conservatives call a "democracy".

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