The last 25 years in books -

The last 25 years in books


Samara and the Writers’ Trust of Canada have released their shortlist for the best political book of the last quarter century.

Included is Right Side Up by our own Paul Wells.


The last 25 years in books

  1. My vote went to Shakedown by Ezra Levant. While Wells’ book was good, Levant’s did more to open Canadians eyes to the sham that is the CHRC.

  2. Have not read Shakedown yet, I don’t know if it’s a good book or not, so I voted for Wells. 

    And how can McCall be nominated for Trudeau and Our Times? 

    It is not even McCall’s best book, never mind best book in Canada.

    • Hi Tony: The list was generated by hundreds of Canadians (see the longlist here):

      Like you, I was surprised with some of the selections, and there are some notable gaps as well.  However, this is the first time there’s been a collective effort to compile a list, so hopefully it raises some good discussion and encourages at least a few people top pick up a book they might have not otherwise considered.

      If there are books you believe were overlooked, you can add them to the comments section and we’ll include them in the final list:

  3. I find it an interesting list, because it varies widely between what I would call reasonably objective, respectable “history”-type books, or reasonably objective journalism if you like, and decidedly opinionated, even partisan pieces (e.g., Levant’s book).