The last 36 hours or so in Guergis


Mr Jaffer once emailed Tony Clement’s office, bringing to four the number of cabinet ministers who’ve had to acknowledge contact. The Globe reports more details of what Mr. Jaffer was or was not promoting. The Liberals ask John Baird to turn over some documents they say he hasn’t as yet. The owner of Sassafraz comments on the relative celebrity of Mr. Jaffer and Ms. Guergis. And something something Robert DeNiro’s son.

Nazim Gillani is due to appear before the government operations committee at 3:30pm this afternoon. The proceedings can be streamed via the link here.


The last 36 hours or so in Guergis

  1. Baird needs to come clean, and pronto. Or his career will be in the toilet with Rahimelena's.

  2. Baird, Clement, and no doubt several other ministers need to come clean, but I'm hardly going to hold my breath. It's taken an historic ruling from the Speaker to try and get the Harper government to come clean with the Afghan issue and it doesn't initially appear that the Harper intends on following the ruling if his mouth piece Kory has any credibility.

  3. I think you have an overly optimistic/pessimistic (delete whichever one fits your feelings towards Baird) opinion of just what it would take to get the PM's designated attack dog in trouble.

  4. Unless some money flowed, Baird may spend some time in the tank but he is unlikely to be flushed. If one thinks about it… we know that Jaffer was lobbying (perhaps with a legal loophole that he was not lobbying), we know he had dinner with Baird and that money did not flow.

    It defies common sense to believe Jaffer did not discuss the proposal with Baird at dinner. Of course, Baird could have made a theatrical exit, hands over his ears, yelling la la la. which unfortunately we know he did not do. It is also possible that Baird simply told Jaffer he was being inappropriate and they finished their dinner. It is also possible that Baird listened during dinner, got back to his office the next day and killed the proposals. We are unlikely to ever know.

    What we do know is that Jaffer put a former colleague in an awkward spot and nothing bad happened. As a result, I am prepared to cut Baird some slack.

  5. Why does lobbying come down to money procured? It's really much simpler than that.

    Baird lied when he said he was not lobbied; he sent multiple versions of the same project proposals to the committee (only when ordered), seeming to indicate something was being revised (on request?) and resubmitted for further consideration.

    Baird is really good at attacking. So you think he was incapable of telling Rahim that he'd love to have supper, but no work talk, just friend talk? Or, if Rahim brought something up saying, "buddy, you know we can't talk about this stuff; let's order some wine."


    If so, he's not up to being a minister of the crown.

  6. Given previous inquiries about a dinner at Hy's, Baird seems to have an unfortunate problem with ending up in awkward spots over dinner in expensive restaurants.

    Maybe he should eat at home more.

  7. Frankly, I am not really sure what lobbying is (now), however I am sure there are some legal types who have followed all this. In any case I apologize in advance if I get any of this wrong. I have been told that when the Conservatives changed the rules (presumably to tighten them up) they changed the nature from an ethics code to a legal standard. Although a legal standard seems like a higher bar, in fact it apparently narrowed the scope of activities which Jaffer is now claiming to his advantage. Also with an ethics code, one is expected to take the spirit of the code into account in ones actions. With a legal standard if something aint illegal then it is ok.

    So I will agree, Baird should be on the hotseat, although perhaps it should be for his role in creating the Federal Accountability Act.

  8. In a section where he references “some of my higher profile guys” Gillani listed a professional athlete and Raphael De Niro (but he spelled the first and last name wrong).

    Nazim Gillani sounds like a crazy con artist. His committee appearance should be very entertaining.

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