The last serious politician?


What was Irwin Cotler doing while all of Ottawa was imploding? Writing about Omar Khadr and Iran.


The last serious politician?

  1. He’s so serious that he misconstrues the Iranian position on Israel, which is not in favour of genocide as such but in favour of doing away with the “Zionist entity,” i.e. the State of Israel — as a state. In other words, they don’t recognise the equivalence between the citizens of Israel and the State of Israel which Cotler takes for granted. This is not to say the Iranian government isn’t outrageously antisemitic and extremely dangerous, but since nuclear weapons are involved we should state the terms more clearly than Cotler does. If Iran were genuinely determined to kill all the Israelis, we would have to take a different approach from the one we currently take. As it is, there is always a chance they will recognise Israel and all will be well. That is surely in everyone’s best interest.

  2. Thanks Jack. I’m sure the mullahs’ nukes will be able to distinguish between pro- and anti-Zionists.

  3. Well, that’s the point, right, Shawn? Are the nukes intended to destroy all life in Israel and surrounding regions or are they for something else? If the Iranian position is non-genocidal, then it must change our perception of Iranian nuclear policy. So, in the interests of stopping the Iranians from getting nukes, it would be good to figure out if they really intend to nuke 7 million Israelis, 1 million Palestinians, and poison hundreds of thousands of people down-wind. Besides taking the full brunt of Israel’s own substantial nuclear arsenal. C’mon, is reason really that bad?

  4. Yes, I agree that it would be great to figure that out.

  5. The line that people keep quoting is the “wipe Israel off the map” one, which I’ve read would better be translated as “vanish from the page of time.” The difference is that “the map” is geographical and “the page of time” is political. So to keep saying that the Iranian president said “wipe Israel off the map” only encourages the view that the nukes are meant to annihilate the physical presence of Israel and thus kill all the Israelis (the thrust of Cotler’s article). If this is mistaken, we’re only pushing the mullahs further into a corner with our confrontational rhetoric.

  6. Martin cabinet ministers writing about Omar Khadr makes me want to vomit.

  7. Harper and cabinet pontificating on their apology to Khadr made my vomit want to puke.

  8. They apologized? That alone would induce vomiting for me.

  9. First time I noticed NP comments. Feel the hate.

    “Passionate hatreds can give meaning and purpose to an empty life. These people haunted by the purposelessness of their lives try to find a new content not only by dedicating themselves to a holy cause but also by nursing a fanatical grievance. A mass movement offers them unlimited opportunities for battle.”

    — Eric Hoffer

  10. The line that people keep quoting is the “wipe Israel off the map” one, which I’ve read would better be translated as “vanish from the page of time.”

    That’s been going on for years. Those to whom to this has been pointed out don’t care; they’ll repeat the same thing the next day.

  11. archangel – That’s where Selley wound up. But big changes are coming under new management.

    Journalism standards will get an upgrade. There’s going to be a Post-er girl but they’ll move her to page 4.

  12. That’s where Selley wound up.


  13. We need to rescue Selley. Break in. Blow the doors. Two teams of three. We’ll need six AK’s, 4 pistols, a Conrad Black fatsuit, and twenty-five copies of The Washington Times.

  14. Ah, before we break out the balaclavas better make sure he wants to be rescued.

    I think he fits right in there. Doing what he did for Macleans. People like Radwanski and Gardner call it an important public service. But, then, I never did get it.

  15. Was it ever actually mentioned on this site when Chris Selley left — and why?

  16. I thought someone mentioned he’d been downsized. Really too bad, I was always blown away by how much he could read in a day and intelligently summarise — though I preferred his all-purpose skepticism to the odd flash of conservativism. Now I’d have to visit the NP site to read him . . .

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