The latest from Brandon-Souris

Checking in on our new favourite by-election


Democracy in Brandon-Souris persists in its vibrancy.

Chris Kennedy insists his ability to mail an application should not be in question, but he and the equally disqualified Len Isleifson have now publicly pledged their support for Conservative nominee Larry Maguire. Unconvinced, the editors of the Brandon Sun suggest Mr. Maguire should call on his party to reopen the nomination.

Meanwhile, the former Progressive Conservative MP for the riding, Rick Borotsik, posed for a picture with Justin Trudeau. And a day after saying he would run as an independent, “card-carrying Conservative” and Killarney-Turtle Mountain Mayor Rick Pauls says he might seek the Liberal nomination.

“I have had some calls from some Liberals asking whether I would consider throwing my hat in their nomination ring. At this point all I’m prepared to say is that I will do anything to ensure that we do not elect a Conservative MP in this area,” Killarney-Turtle Mountain Mayor Rick Pauls told the Sun yesterday. “It’s the worst political move that I feel we could do for Brandon-Souris.”

Meanwhile, New Democrats have chosen welder and union leader Cory Szczepanski as their candidate.


The latest from Brandon-Souris

  1. The Conservatives should beware of taking the conservative vote in rural Manitoba and Saskatchewan for granted. Many are card carrying Canadian Wheat Board, Credit Union, and Co-op members who respect civility, honesty and community cohesion. Conservative nominations have been the real election in some of these ridings (federal and provincial) for a long time, but taking that way and applying a take no prisoners approach to democracy at the local level won’t go over well.

  2. Putin himself would be envious of the way the Cons now control grassroots nomination to their party.

    • Ya, setting rules and sticking to them is so draconian. Much better they were like the Liberals and just rigged the rules so the guy the leader wants wins automatically. Kinda like what they did with Trust Fund Trudeau.

      • Rules? Putin Harper has only one rule: “I decide”.

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