The latest on Bev Oda's choice of accommodation -

The latest on Bev Oda’s choice of accommodation


Further to this, the minister’s office reports as follows.

The Minister personally paid the portion of the expenses in question. (The repayment occurred this morning, and covered the difference in cost between the two hotels, and the cancellation fee.) 

Via Twitter, the minister’s spokesman clarifies that the repayment includes the orange juice.

For the sake of comparison, here is how Peter MacKay explained an expensive hotel tab he expensed last year.

As to the expenses that the member is referring to, Canada books rooms at the same hotel where the conference takes place, where the majority of participants stay.

In switching hotels, Ms. Oda seems to have done the opposite.

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The latest on Bev Oda’s choice of accommodation

  1. Peter Mackay sent Oda a cheque for the difference, along with a big bouquet of flowers and a card saying “Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!!” 

  2. Caught again.  Damn that Open Government / Freedom of Information thingy! Can’t we do something about it?

  3. Another case of a Conservative Minister being entitled to their entitlements.

    So much for the much lauded Conservative fiscal prudence.

    No comment from Harper? No stones either.

    • Except in this case, she actually paid for the hotel herself. Are you suggesting she shouldn’t be allowed to do that?

      • She repaid this morning – nearly a year later, and after it became public knowledge.

        • True, better late than never. In contrast the “entitled to entilements” comment came from funcitonaries who refused to recognize their obligations to the public. Ms Oda may be a bit slow in doing so, but clearly the PMO is not.

          •  No, it came from a guy who was falsely accused of overspending when in fact he was meticulously, scrupulously returning the mint to profit.  This was proven after a thorough and detailed investigation, after which the conservatives should have had the decency to apologize. 

          • Absolute pantload.

            If this had never come to light via Access to Information, she would not have paid back a cent and the PMO wouldn’t have cared a whit.
             The PMO response is pure damage control. 

            Still buying?
            Caveat Emptor

          • So you’re fine with this kind of thing so long as they don’t get caught?

      • Just this morning and only when her stupidity of last year’s ‘junket’ became known.  I guess this is the ‘honour amongst thieves’ they so often quote?  Only make restitution if found out?  Don’t think I’ll be hiring the likes of you to work in my financial department if that is how you think this sort of think  is A-OK

      • We used to be able to thumbs-down idiotic comments like this.  Ah, the good old days.

  4. So, let me get this straight.  She repaid it just this morning once learning that her spendthrift behaviour at taxpayer expense became known to the txpayers.  Classy!  . 

    I guess you can take the babe out of the Walmart, but you can’t take the Walmart out of the babe.

  5. Nasty call from the PMO this am?

  6. Time to revise the old saying “If called upon I will run. if elected I will serve. If caught I will return the expenses.”

  7. I hope the opposition go after her and the Conservatives like mad in the House.  She’s not a first time offender and Harper should toss her to the back benches to do some major PR with the Canadian public.  

  8. “We see the treasury board rules as guidelines.  Which we then ignore.  No more questions!”