The least welcome of bulletins -

The least welcome of bulletins


Whenever a Canadian soldier dies overseas, a series of press releases go out over the gallery wire—official statements of remorse from the Governor General, Prime Minister and federal party leaders.

I’m not sure how often these comments are included in published reports anymore, so on the occasion of the latest deaths in Afghanistan here are links to where the latest statements have been posted online: Michaelle Jean, Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton.

(Note: That NDP statement is for previous casualties. A more recent statement may have gone out, but I don’t have it on file and it doesn’t appear to have been posted online.)


The least welcome of bulletins

  1. The NDP statement dates back to Dec 5th. The NDP should have had the courtesy to publish another statement on the occasion of these latest deaths.

  2. The Governor General, Stephen Harper and Jack Layton are ‘deeply’, ‘immensely’ and ‘profoundly’ saddened or if not saddened, sympathize by or with these deaths.

    — Where IS that thesaurus when I need it! —

    But it was all worth it on behalf of a people none of us know.

    Michael Ignatieff, on the other hand, mourns the deaths and injuries soldiers and their families endure because of their commitment to Canada. Then he acknowledges the debt owed to these men and women and families.

    Nuff said.

  3. Aaron,

    I have no idea how you view these statements, but I treasure your shining a spotlight on them. Democracy is not simply yes and no in my view. Those souls, like you, that journal human events intercede with definite maybes — questions of belief and morality and spirit that elevate perception to a clearer place. If we are the photo, and god is the camera, then you are the lens.

  4. Oh, and Aaron, please do not take it too personally — I mean journalists in general. Like Herodotus, for example. You travel through life and collect stories and put them in personal packets of particularity. Then you look at them like digital photos in the Nikon of your brain. Some you erase, others you preserve for now, still others you treasure and can never abandon. (Those are rare and hard to share.) Yet eventually, a (design) stance emerges. Like a knight in shining armour, it dominates the scene that is your (reason for) being. You charge headlong into the arena of truth and discover grotesque chimera borne on human treachery and suckled by human frailty. “There is no truth” you claim until the torture of revelation reveals it — the truth is buried in the tomb.

  5. We’re playing politics with dead soldiers now?

    Might wanna concede that this partisan infested site, as fun as it is, isn’t an appropriate forum for grave matters. Stick to Hansard and reporting what the bank economists and union economists and Big 3 economists tell you to report, and report it verbatim. Actually, just get them to fax it over and run it as is, eliminate the middle man.

  6. MFPM –

    Just as feedback, I preferred archangel’s thoughtful observations to your own. The physical juxtaposition makes comparison natural. The vernom underscores it.

    Have a nice day.

  7. I agree with “Canadians For Proper Media “, blogs are no place for analysis and opinion.