Liberal leadership race comes into focus -

Liberal leadership race comes into focus

Aaron Wherry catches you up on the race


The race to lead the third party comes to the fore this weekend in Vancouver with the first of the campaign’s five debates. We’ll have live coverage on Sunday, but first, a look at some of the story so far.

After a summer of waiting, Justin Trudeau got in and explained himself (and maybe misquoted Goethe). He dismissed the idea of a merger with the NDP, focused on the middle class, tried to learn from Barack Obama, was said to support supply management, expressed support for decriminalizing marijuana, got in trouble for some comments about Albertans, tried to explain himself, apologized and then appealed for help. The Conservatives invited him to testify at committee. He described the long gun registry as a failure and then tried to explain himself. He angered Catholics, earned the wrath of God and spoke to the Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference.

Martha Hall Findlay has denounced supply management and mused about raising the GST. Marc Garneau got in and considered the long-gun registry, explained his views on gun control, called for foreign investment in telecommunications and proposed democratic reform. Deborah Coyne talked to John Geddes. Joyce Murray got in and called for cooperation with other parties. George Takach got in too. And there is now some fussing over the voting rules.


Liberal leadership race comes into focus

  1. Well unless he manages to blow himself out of the water, it’ll no doubt be Justin.

    • I think Justin will be OK. He’s got himself a new Irish Terrier for the campaign trail, to help him with his Von Goethe quotations.

      Dog’s name is Pat. He’s better than a Magic 8 Ball.

      • Von Goethe… yeah you nailed that. Chucky.

        • Heh…makes as much sense as anything else he’s ever said…..that’s Sot under another name.

          • I should have known with all the racist overtones, but i’m stupid that way.

          • Nah….being female on a political site draws kibitzers,and crackpots and stalkers is all. You get to recognize ’em after awhile.

  2. The most important issue, in my opinion, is Preferential Ballot voting reform, which Marc Garneau is taking the lead on. (Voters rank candidates instead of selecting one.) This would make our existing (Westminster-style) system democratic by simply requiring that MPs earn their seats with a majority of the vote.

    Considering slipshod First-Past-the-Post is not good enough for any party to elect its leader with, it sure isn’t good enough to found our entire democracy on. Presently, all major parties use preferential ballots. So this is an idea whose time has come.

    Since this reform only modernizes our existing system, it can be legislated without a referendum (like fixed election dates.) This would stop voters from getting saddled with politicians and governments they don’t want and didn’t vote for.

  3. too many candidates. too many ideas. too much confusion. another Liberal disaster. voters want leadership, not ideology debates. damn the experts and think tanks! democracy is primative.